Club training sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Tuesday (Summer Training)

Braeloine car park for a 6:45pm start.

Tuesday is training night and is a key part of the club’s events. In the summer, training is in the beautiful scenery of Glen Tanar (what more could you ask to fire you up for training).

Training Schedule

Training is open to all abilities – generally some form of intervals session where we can regroup inbetween the intervals. There may also be the option of a steady run.

Tuesday (Winter Training)

Community Education Centre for a 6.45pm start

When it starts to get dark in the evenings (about the end of September) we move back to Aboyne where we meet at the far corner of the Community Education Centre for a 6.45 start and run intervals on a loop around Aboyne under street lights. If there is snow bring a headtorch for an off road loop. Sometimes there is training on the Green.


Monday night is Jog-Scotland Deeside Runners group training night, usually meeting at the Community Centre in Aboyne. Contact/email Carole Brown for details.

We also have group training sessions every Thursday at different locations around Deeside. These will be longer runs at a steady pace, meeting for a 6:30pm start – locations confirmed via the club email list.