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CP 43. Ursula and Barney. Taking a loop in an anti-clockwise direction, using left turns we ended up back where we started which was at Rebreck house.

Dess Falls

Ursula , Owen and Barney stopped to look at the waterfall on 27th of January as we were going to Norvite to get some feed. I wasn’t running as I was in wellies. I did used to run in wellies but it didn’t do my Achilles any good. It was nice to have an excuse to look rather than just drive past.

Knock Castle

Ursula and Barney ran to Knock Castle on 26th Jan. As Barney doesn’t like running down that bit of road we had to go via the Sunday Drive and along the Birkhall road first. We went home through the upper woods when I realised Barney had found some sheep to herd. Fortunately he came back when I called him, which was more than he did when he ran at Derek and Evelyn at Bovaglie. But then the sheep weren’t wearing hats.

Cross Slab

Cross Slab , CP 76

Ursula, Owen and Barney were at the Cross Slab on 18th Jan. We were actually looking at the footpath work Owen had done in October. The paths out in the open were completely iced over, but those under the trees were fine. Barney enjoyed biting the water.


Barney and I jogged up to Bovaglie as it’s a handy run for me from the house. As you may have read, I met Derek and Evelyn. They politely omitted to say they were charged at, at high speed by a brown collie. Barney was in one of those moods because he’d had a day off the day before, they were also wearing hats. Anyway they sensibly stayed still and let him bark at them, he calmed down shortly after. At the time I didn’t realise I was doing a challenge point, so I am now after Derek and Evelyn suggested I should. Bovaglie is always a good run in any weather but when everything is snow covered I love it up there. Ursula

Creag Choinich

I left the sunshine at my house to go up Creag Choinich. After pulling my left Achilles at training on Tuesday, overstretching a glute muscle at Tai chi on Saturday and racing on Sunday, I thought a walk would do me good. From the summits I could see snow showers coming from Glenshee and from Linn of Dee directions. Low lying areas were really flooded. On the way down, my old trainers slipped over the tops of some stepping stones and I just kept going in slow motion until a sharp edge of a rock ended up in my butt cleavage, I landed on my elbow, and hurt my toe. It just proves that my Dad was right when he said exercise is bad for you. .

Caisteal na Caillich

Thursday afternoon,15th Oct. Cycled from the house towards Balmoral. Turned off at Abergeldie and headed towards the distillery. Took the track past the Buailteach and came out at Inchnabobart. Stashed the bikes in the woods. Up Carn an Daimh, Conachcraig and eventually Caisteal na Caillich. Disappointed to see crossbike tyre tracks on such fragile ground. Counted 8 heather burns. Nice to see Mountain Hare ( not dead). Came back the same way to the bikes and then attacked by midges. Cycled home along the Glen Muick track. ,

Crannach firing range

I suspect everybody has done this one. Owen, the dog and I went thought we’d get to this via Sgor Buidhe. After much faffing around unable to find the path we gave up. We came up from the grave yard in the end. .