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autumn in the upper Dee

Cycled in from Linn of Dee to White Bridge and then on northwards past the Chest of Dee as far as sensible. Autumn colours at the Chest were gorgeous. After abandoning the bikes it was a long slog up onto Beinn Bhrotain. Plenty of stags roaring and a few ptarmigan higher up, but not much other wildlife. Cloud came in a bit on the summit and the wind definitely had an autumnal feel to it. Found a better line on the descent, sticking to the high ground to avoid the bogs. Then a quick whizz back on the bikes. It was going to be too late for the Bothy so a promise of chips was made instead, but sadly the Hungry Highlander let us down. Co-op saved the day with chocolate cake to get us back to Ballater.

That’s me reached enough cps to claim my mug.

Interesting Lochnagar

From Loch Muick cp up tourist route to col below the ladder, drop to Lochnagar loch outlet (cp 100) then up the NE ridge to the summit. Strong wind turned into vicious gusting gale on the climb from the loch, almost taking us off our feet and blowing us uphill onto rocks. V glad of full waterproof (as well as windproof running top) and gloves. All a bit exciting for a while. Decided to return by Glas Allt to drop out of the wind asap. Really struggling on the climb today – just no energy in my legs to work – but downhill felt ok.
Never underestimate Lochnagar. I’ve had too many "interesting" times up there.

Rocking up to the rocking stone

18/09/15Looking to get some good miles in the legs. From Dinnet over the hill to Glen Tanar, up to HWH and beyond, then right over the hill back towards Deeside. Brief diversion to the Rocking Stone (cp 99) then down to cross the river at Cambus bridge and back by the railway. Buzzing at the start (combination of caffeine and a good meeting) and felt like I flew over the first hill. Kept going steady throughout and pleased with pace back along the railway at the end.

Summer at last

03/07/15Finally a good day in the Cairngorms was promised by the forecasters. Cycled in from Linn of Dee past Derry Lodge and a few km further up Glen Derry.
Climbed first up to Lochan Uaine (cp12) in the corrie to the east of Derry Cairngorm. Then on to the summit, where I met Andy T and Roger C also making the most of a fine day. From there there was some nice running across and down to Loch Etchachan (cp13) before a good workout up the climb to Ben Mheadhoin and more nice running along the top to the high point on the tor. From the top I dropped diagonally down to the Larig Lui and back along the path to the bike.
A great day in the hills.

Slugain and Ben Avon

Something akin to Duncan’s long day out here, but in reverse. Biked in from Keiloch up Gleann an t’Slugain as far as the old ruin (cp 20). Then ran up to Dubh Lochan (cp19), on to the top of Ben Avon (cp21) coming back by Creag an Deal Bheag (cp22). Lots of new ground for me. Was hoping for a fine day but the cloud was down, visibility above 900m was dire and the wind was vicious on the tops. Very glad of map and compass, especially approaching the Sneck and dropping off the top of Ben Avon. Just started to relax with the latter when I came across some serious south facing snow fields, with the path / stream disappearing into them. Condition was poor for running shoes (hard-packed with melting surface), so had to contour / climb again to avoid. Eventually managed to get round the end and drop to my descent route along the stream side. Seemed a long way back to the bike from the top end of the Gairn.
Plenty of ptarmigan on the high ground and saw a green woodpecker in the forest on the way back.

Mobile phone orienteering

24/06/15Checking out Creag Choinnich for its potential to adapt the permanent orienteering course to the latest technology – mobile phone orienteering. Diverted to run over the top of the summit mid-way and bag another point.

Hill of Fare

27/06/2015 Ran from west end of Raemoir up onto Craigrath and then continued on the track to the bothy where I turned right. Then it was into terrain to find a route back to the half hoos at the end of the track below Cragrath. This took 15′ of mixed terrain to get to there with a bit of a slog to regain height at the end. From there it was a lovely track run back. Finally enjoyable to run in just shorts and T and no need to carry any spare kit 🙂

No photos as I forgot the camera.


14/06/2015 Ran from Keiloch car park up to the Fog house (cp 28) then round below the crags on Craig Leek, across the track and up Meall Alvie (cp 30).It was a lovely day but the temperature was back to single figures and there was fresh snow on Lochnagar.

Glorious Glen Fearder

10/6/15We ran from Aberarder up onto Meall Gorm from the south side then dropped down into Glen Fearder through some steep and rough stuff before crossing the burn and climbing up to Auchtavan . This is one of my favourite parts of Deeside and the botany and wildlife didn’t let us down today. I almost trod on an owl which took off from under a tree by my feet and we also saw red deer and mountain hare too. There are loads of alpine flowers in the limestone rock slabs near the top of Meall Gorm if you approach the summit from the ridge to the east.