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Cnoc Dubh

20 of us raced up cp70 last night before the AGM. Results:
Dave H – 25:31
Steph – 25:33
Dirk – 25:34
Jamie – 25:36
Dave C – 26:19
Andy – 26:20
Miles – 28:28
Trevor – 29:23
Sam – 29:28
Katie – 30:18
Warren – 31:07
Amandine – 31:43
Dave O – 33:53
Patrick – 34:47
Clare – 35:12
Jeff – 36:04
Evelyn -36:06
Joe – 37:11
Kathy – 38:45
Duncan – no time because he went off to the boardwalk before the start. Derek – marshall.

Another lovely day

More good weather to drag the family up another hill. After Clachnaben hill race yesterday, we decided to take a relaxing stroll up to Carnferg. Took the long way up but had a good laugh sprinting straight down. 8.21 miles enjoyed in the sunshine with less wind than I expected at the top.

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Gathering Cairn – Mountain bike and hill run Duathlon

Sat 4th April
A great bike ride up Glentanar to the steel footbridge – 1 hour from Aboyne 400 metre climb up to Gathering Cairn, great views all around. Attempted to head over to the Quartz cliff but ran out of time.
Back down for the down-glen bike ride home, thankfully somewhat kinder on the legs – 45 mins return ride. Warren & Sam R

Thursday night

>> Continuation of Thursday night’s run. From the board walk we headed round the east side of Loch davan towards the cp. The outlet burn looked a bit big to cross (with hindsight, it would have been worth trying) so headed east to the road (along terrible ground) and back to the Loch past the earthworks. From cp we continued west round the Loch and back to the burn o’vat (via bogingore, to pick up Sam’s gloves). > Total run was 2hrs and just under 10 miles.
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Family outing

A lovely walk with the family and puppies to bag 2 checkpoints. River Dee opposite Inchmarnoch and the Monument, along the Deesideway.

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