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Scar Hill and Balnagowan

Evening run up these two from home. Biked up the road/ track from the gliding strip towards Braeroddach with stones pinging out from under my wheels until i could bear it no longer (about 200m short of the farm) then ditched the bike and continued up towards Scar Hill. Great view point on a fine evening, should come here more often. Did however discover an unexpected downside to my finger shoes- they really don’t like barbed wire fences! There are lots of barbed wire fences on this route. Blood was drawn.
Headed down towards Tillyduke then followed a fine running path towards Blue cairn before following the fields to Balnagowan hill. From there i headed south to join a forestry track then took a straight line back to the bike and home for tea.
Great wee run and good refresher with map and compass. Total about 1:30


One from a while back- Abandoned my bike ride after 5 min due to snow and ran up crannach instead. Headed up the track to the east and doubled back to the summit (ie the normal route). Followed the ridge south then dropped down to the west, through rock infested heather (slightly better than the descent to the east) and followed a nice wee path back to the car via the firing range.