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Deep Rocky Heather

Marie and I set off from the gate by Loch Ulachie through the forest and onto the path that skirts the ridge up to the Coyles. Still some fresh snow from last night, but it was quickly melting leaving a lovely wet slush. From the Coyles we headed south west making a pretty straight line down then back up through deep rocky heather onto Craig Megan. From here we headed North (more deep rocky heather) to cross the Girnock river which has some convenient stepping stones just where the track meets the river on the other side. We followed the track to the disused farmhouse at Camlet before a sharp ascent onto Sgor an h-lolaire. Skies had cleared and we had a lovely decent along the ridge towards Creag nam Ban. At the col we descended through more deep rocky heather, crossing the bog and then up more deep rocky heather onto Creag Ghiubhais. This was finished by, guess what, even more deep rocky heather as we dropped back down to the Girnock river. The final mile on the road was somewhat of a relief.

I think we can definitely say that we have had sufficient heather bashing training for the Mountain Marathon, I might be quite disappointed if there is none!

Glen Gairn

Parked at the Geallaig race start and headed for Fox Cairn first. We headed up a slight valley to reach the top directly then followed path to cairn. Cnoc Chalmac was next then joined track until Katie managed to persuade me to turn off the lovely track just before the bridge and head through the heather to Tom Breac, it was a trudge with little running until very top. Good views and lovely descent to An Creagan. We considered adding Geallaig but concluded we would tick this one at the summer handicap. Photo shows Katie and Coogie on Tom Breac.

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night run up carn ferg

Peter, Dave Croll, Marie and I had a pleasant jog up here last night. Too misty to see any sign of the aurora or anything else much. Went up the usual way from the top of the Fungle, but Peter showed us a rather better route off to the north west. There’s a path almost all the way down, only the last bit between the two paths is heathery. Took 1 hour 13 according to Strava.

Hill of Goauch

Little late in posting this as did it last week while I had one hour to spare in Banchory waiting for my daughter to finish her sporting activities. Did it from Scolty car park and went up Scolty after. Total time 50 mins so managed to watch daughter and her sporting activities with the remaining 10 mins!

Mortlich and Craiglich

After spending our days being lavished with attention from our children (cup of coffee in bed, and cajoling them on family walks in the spring sunshine), Marie and I met up for a late afternoon run. Setting off from my home in Auchinhove, we went past Warhead to Tillylair farm. From here there is a land rover track that takes you up short of the top just north of Mortlich. A quick trudge through the heather brought us to the summit. From here we descended down the usual route and took a right into the Coull tracks. We followed back round the west side of Mortlich returning up to and along the boundary fence. We crossed the aptly names “Glen of Peat Lochies” which was as you would expect, before heading up to the hill above Lochmanse. We then continued from here up onto Craiglich, just in time to catch an amazing sunset over Morven (iPhone photo does not do it justice). From the top we descended back to Auchinhove through the forestry tracks. Run surprisingly longer than you would imagine at just over 10 miles.

Morven Lodge, Candacraig then Ord More

I parked at Lary and headed to Morven Lodge where I never been before. I think I took a similar route to that described by Sarah and Jon except from Candacraig I headed south to the landrover track where there were huge frogs in very small puddles. I heard the frogs before I saw them. I then had to run back along the road and total distance was almost 9 miles. In the afternoon went for a cycle with the family and dragged them up Ord More, the wind had died down by then and it was a lovely temperature. Bring on the summer!

Down by the Dee

Managed to persuade the family to go for a cycle from Dinnet which just happened to pass a CP. Hardly had to pedal on the way back due to the tail wind.

Wet and Boggy

Set off from the Sawmill at Finzean up the track to Peter Hill. From here dropped down following one of the burns to Water of Aven. Then up the other side onto the shoulder named Cock Hill to join the track. Here we originally planned to continue up the track to Battock, but rain, sleet, wind and poor viz meant we turned back early heading back down to the river and then up onto Baudnacauner. We descended to the ford at Lairds Burn using the very well placed plank from previous visitors (we missed the bridge too) before returning to the sawmill.

Craiglash & Toms Cairn

Jamie and I ventured out on Thursday night to Craiglash which neither of us had explored previously. I used the force to navigate (GPS) and then decided there wasn’t enough force (battery) to do Lamahip and it probably made sense to leave it for the daytime! So headed back the same way and went up Toms Cairn. Beautiful clear night.

Thursday night

>> Continuation of Thursday night’s run. From the board walk we headed round the east side of Loch davan towards the cp. The outlet burn looked a bit big to cross (with hindsight, it would have been worth trying) so headed east to the road (along terrible ground) and back to the Loch past the earthworks. From cp we continued west round the Loch and back to the burn o’vat (via bogingore, to pick up Sam’s gloves). > Total run was 2hrs and just under 10 miles.
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