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autumn in the upper Dee

Cycled in from Linn of Dee to White Bridge and then on northwards past the Chest of Dee as far as sensible. Autumn colours at the Chest were gorgeous. After abandoning the bikes it was a long slog up onto Beinn Bhrotain. Plenty of stags roaring and a few ptarmigan higher up, but not much other wildlife. Cloud came in a bit on the summit and the wind definitely had an autumnal feel to it. Found a better line on the descent, sticking to the high ground to avoid the bogs. Then a quick whizz back on the bikes. It was going to be too late for the Bothy so a promise of chips was made instead, but sadly the Hungry Highlander let us down. Co-op saved the day with chocolate cake to get us back to Ballater.

That’s me reached enough cps to claim my mug.

Dinnet lochs ride

Family cycle starting from between the Dinnet Lochs, then a clockwise loop to the river bank (cp63), up to the boardwalk (cp58) then round the N end of Loch Davan and in to the Logie Burn inflow (cp71). Nice wee ride.

Evening light on Tom’s Cairn

Early evening run up Tom’s Cairn from Corsedarder. Brightened up nicely and the low light picked out beautiful colouring in Feughside and north towards the Cattie Burn.

Catch-up ride

Jon and Ewan bagged this point yesterday from Shooting Greens with Jon running and Ewan on his bike (they’ve not figured out how to blog their points yet). I couldn’t let them get ahead of me for long so cycled from home this morning, out along the Deeside Way to Potties and then up the hill towards the forest. I love this bit of the river – good excuse for a visit.

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