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CP60 Hill of Candacraig

21/03/21Derek & EvelynCP60 Hill of CandacraigIs it Spring now? The sun was certainly shining today for a run up Candacraig.  Followed the track as high as possible before contouring around onto the ridge for the short final ascent.  Took the straight line off.Courie Courie at Cambus is open at weekends giving us a lunch stop on the way home.

CP40 The Prince’s Stone & CP37 Creag Doin

CP40 The Prince’s Stone & CP37 Creag Doin.
Derek & Evelyn

How are you on collective nouns?  Today we’ve seen an army of ants and also an army of frogs, though the latter may have been a knot of toads.Looking back at the 2015 challenge, we took what I think was Warren’s route on the way out.  Lots of frogs and spawn on a puddly track but a good climbing track.The final track up to the Prince’s stone was as surprisingly tough as I remember.Hugging the contour line got us close to Creag Doin before the final wee climb.  Then heather-bashing down to the very wet footpath and then main track back.Weather absolutely lovely.

CP80 The Socach

Derek & Evelyn

As an alternative to coming in from the Tarland side, we took this mtb/run route from the Alford side.  There is a big track rising to the mast on Scar Hill and this has been “improved” for recent logging making an easy ride – except for the small patch of snow.Left the bikes at the end of the trees at the fence line. The route up to Socach is bikeable in the other direction but too loose for us to bother from this side so we just walked up.  No Cairn or any other indicator but some lovely views.Just north of where we parked is “Confunderland” farm.  What a lovely word to roll around in the mouth.

CP63 Craig Vallich and CP64 Cairn Leuchan

Derek. & Evelyn

Always up for a bit of wading uphill through heather, we did Craig Vallich first. If that isn’t your thing then do Cairn Leuchan first letting you descend through the heather off Craig Vallich. The main track is like motorway with lots of evidence of people cycling to the top. A few patches of soft snow still lying.

CP83 Frog Pool

Derek & Evelyn
Taking advantage of the calm before the storm to nip over to this local CP. The frogs are looking well. In the good old days we used to run a handicap here from the roadside up to the gate onto Craiglich & back. Ah, the good old days, wherever have they gone?

CP73 Overlook Loch

Derek & Evelyn
CP73 Overlook Loch
Cycled over from home on a cold, damp but windless day. Came in via Tillypronie meaning to go by foot from Hillside cottage We’ve never been at Tillypronie House before so didn’t realise that an offroad right of way bypasses the house and would have given us the same access to the loch. We kept going “just a but farther” and ended up at the big house. Owner was a bit miffed but we parted on good terms. We cycled on, out onto the main road and approached the Loch from the west starting near Witchford Loch. The old track has been trashed by loggers but the Loch was at its atmospheric best in the mist.

CP99 Mount Shade

Derek & Evelyn
Lovely day for a trip up Mount Shade. After getting route advice from Dave H, Jane O and Roger C, I think we ploughed our own furrow and a very pleasant furrow it was. Good track up through the woods and eventually hit the little track up the front of the hill.

CP97 Ord More

Derek &Evelyn

Bit chilly this morning but forecast for 10C so we layered up for the downhill and ride over to Craiglash quarry and entry to Ord More. Carried our Inov-8s for the walk in. Almost a spring day when we got back to the bikes so we stripped back to cycling shorts for the climb home and gave the white knees and legs a chance to soak up some vitamin D.

CP66 Crannach Hill

Derek & Evelyn
Well the planned route was OK but poorly executed as I took us too high, too early after crossing the Culsten burn. Long traverse in horrible Heather and boulders to correct. But made it eventually. Straight descent onto the track (stream today). Slow down the track as there were a lot of branches brought down onto the track by the snow and we cleared them all the way back to the burn.