Thursday 16th May 2024 at 7.30pm from Tarland.

Free registration and does not imply any commitment, but will speed up the registration process.
Pay when you collect your number.

Seniors (16 on the day and over) 9.5km, 450m climb. Juniors (9-15) 3km, 90m climb.

Entry fee £1 seniors, juniors free.


New start and registration from 2024!!

This year we will use the new Tarland Trails car park. There are toilets, water and lots of parking space. If you are doing the race you won’t have to pay for parking. The race route will be new for the first 400m then join the old route.

Up and back by the same route, it’s a tough climb but the paths are good so it is a fast race. The route will be marked.
Great views of Deeside for those in less of a hurry. The junior race takes the first 1.5km of the senior race, turning back not long after the first steep climb.


  • Men – Robbie Simpson (2019) – 38:28
  • Ladies – Steph Provan (2016) and Anna Macfadyen (2017) – 46:43

Start Location and Route

There are two nearby car parks: in the woods opposite the road to the start (car park 1 on the map) and in the estate yard on the left just down this road (car park 2 on the map). If both are full please park in the village.