Jog Scotland

We are part of the jogscotland network and take out groups of people like you who want to get fit or who just want a bit of company to run with or who are looking for some encouragement to meet a goal. To find out more about jogscotland please click on the banner below.


We meet on a Tuesday at 6:30pm at Braeoline Car Park, Glen Tanar during the summer Months, and at Aboyne Leisure Centre between the winter clock changes.

We run in groups of similar abilities and pound the trails for fun.

So wherever you live in Deeside come along and join us on one of our training evenings for a bit of exercise and a bit of fun while you are doing it.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:

Contact Details: Warren Burgess:    OR   Peter Henry:

Before you come along

If you are a new jogger or have not been very active in recent months it is advisable to do a little bit of extra walking before starting a jogscotland program.

National guidelines recommend 30 minutes of accumulated activity, preferably each day, to maintain good health. This for example, may involve 10 minutes walking, 10 minutes gardening and 10 minutes of housework or alternatively 10 minutes of housework and a 20 minute walk.

In the couple of weeks prior to starting the beginners walk-jog program it is advisable to get your muscles and joints well prepared.

When not to jog?

jogscotland starts with a very easy walk-jog program for beginners but even this may not be suitable for some people.

Jogging is a high-impact activity. So while this may be very good for strengthening your bones and muscles, releasing feel-good endorphins and burning up calories it can cause stress on weak or damaged joints. If you are very overweight, have chronic knee or lower back problems then other activities such as swimming or walking are likely to be more suitable to start with.

If you have a personal or family history of certain illnesses or have been inactive for very prolonged periods, then jogging might not be recommended.

This is why we ask you a few simple questions before you are encouraged to start jogging with us.

At your own pace

We have 5 main activity levels to meet different people’s needs:
Beginners Level 1 – walk-jog
Beginners Level 2 – walk-jog
Intermediate Level 1 – jog
Intermediate Level 2 – run
Advanced Level – run

Each of these has a 10 week block that offers a gradual progression, no matter what your fitness level is to begin with.

Tell all your friends and family about us and encourage them to come along and join our friendly group.