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92. Tom’s Cairn NO 616 944

Tom’s Cairn

A long held promise of swimming and the cinema had seemed a good idea of an Easter treat for the girls, but waking up to another day of beautiful sunshine I insisted some time in the fresh air was required first.

A lovely morning walk to the top and back from Corsedardar. (Cinderella was good too!)

Tom’s Cairn

Up the farm tracks from Shooting Greens, past the coos

Evening light on Tom’s Cairn

Early evening run up Tom’s Cairn from Corsedarder. Brightened up nicely and the low light picked out beautiful colouring in Feughside and north towards the Cattie Burn. working

Always an interesting view from here…

Craiglash & Toms Cairn

Jamie and I ventured out on Thursday night to Craiglash which neither of us had explored previously. I used the force to navigate (GPS) and then decided there wasn’t enough force (battery) to do Lamahip and it probably made sense to leave it for the daytime! So headed back the same way and went up Toms Cairn. Beautiful clear night.

92 Tom’s Cairn

Sat at home until the storm front passed through, the snow has stopped but still very windy. Bit worrying to hear the trees cracking as we went up the first climb to Tom’s Cairn. Rest of climb ok as wind in our backs on the open ground but full in our face on the descent.

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Tom’s Cairn

A Saturday afternoon stroll up here. Great views in all directions from the summit. The photo shows the cairn from the trig point. A buzzard and a small flock of crows was all the wildlife I could manage, but the fantastic standing stone on the way through the forest was a treat.