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90. Green Hill NJ 635 099

two hills by bike

No-one seems to like Green Hill – try this route. Just took 37 mins and I wasn’t trying. Easy ride to the edge of the trees then quite a lot harder (too hard for me today). Great views from the top and an easy ride down. Went on to Hill of Fare and on the way towards Torphins saw a track heading in roughly the right direction so thought I’d see if I could ride it. And I could, more or less. A fire road (not marked on the map) goes to the edge of the trees then there is a path up the hill to join the bigger track marked on the map. Then it is an easy ride to the challenge point. Nearly all rideable up and easy back down. There’s probably a good running circuit to be done from here – there were other paths through the heather.

Heather bashing on Corrennie

Started from Milton of Tolmauds, with lots of new lambs around the farmyard. Up via Graigenhigh to Fork of Midmar, where there is a nice wee waterfall tucked away – looks a haven for wildlife.

Then up past the site of a Stone Circle, not obvious amongst a lot of rock outcrop.
Followed tracks around east side of Forkins Wood up to fence line, then up through deep heather to Green Hill, with the lone tree at the top. Little used vehicle track at the top – so looks like access from the north and east sides of Green Hill would be better for running.
Great views around, this one of Bennachie:

Then back down through the heather to Forkins Wood, finding newly built access roadway (for wind turbines?) which terminated before getting out to the Corrennie Moor side.
Took vague track up fence line to Red Hill, then followed fence line across Corrennie Moor to Benaquhallie. Mown heather tracks on rise up to Benquhallie made the going much quicker.
Trig point at the top, with cairn spike on top of cairn mound just below the top of Benaquhallie:

Returning down off the hill via Newbigging.

Ideal post 2 race week hill.

Pretty tired from 2 races in a week! (Ok tmes look more like jogs than races, but a bit of a classic understatement) but a sunny day and a memmory that jogging post races meant to be good for you meant Green Hill a perfect objectve and was indeed very enjoyable.


Green Hill

There is something very satisfying sitting here watching the rain pouring down knowing I got out early and got a cp done before the rain started.I did a route I don’t recommend ,unless you have a particular interest in animal faeces and woody Heather. I parked at the end of the public road at Quinach and followed the Quinach Burn up into the Heather then continued to top of Green Hill. I was following a wildlife corridor with Fox, Deer , Rabbit and higher up Grouse faeces. On the top there seems to be a reasonable path running North South, but not a good one leading to the Quinach Burn.

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90 Green Hill, Blue skies, perfect.

Second leg of our out and back from home via 89
From top of Benaquhallie follow land-rover track east along drystane wall and then bear right to follow contour line around Red Hill.
At NJ 611 092 you cross the track coming up from Upper Broomhill.
You reach a plantation of larch, upper section of which has been felled. Keep following tracks, now north, until NJ 618 098 fenceline. Turn east and you getting easily runnable section around the top of the plantation. The timber extractors have been here and flattened the area, not very environmentally friendly but good for access.
You will have to clamber through brashings for last fifty metres to reach the logging camp. Turn south for 100 metres and then left through the narrowest section of trees (just three or four rows) out onto lower slopes of Green Hill.
You should come out near two very lonely trees. Head for a third (dead) one further uphill and another few hundred metres to top.
It’s not an inspiring hill but you get a good view of south-east side of Benachie or the jets on approach to Aberdeen.

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Corrennie Moor Circuit

Starting from the west end of the Tolmauds road, headed up the track to Green Hill. From there a bit rough through knee deep heather and then a deforrested quagmire, but once past the boundary fence was able to follow land rover tracks over Red Hill and on to the top of Benaquhallie. Returned by another land rover track traversing the south side of Red Hill, down through some fields and onto a farm track that takes you back to the road about 1km from the start point.