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85. Mortlich NJ 536 018

Monday morning on Mortlich

Glorious morning even if it did look more like winter again. Ran from home out the Deeside Way to Boddomend, then up the high path towards Mortlich. Could do with a bit of gardening through the broomy section. Back the same way.


I kept this one for when I was a bit short of time, and was able to start from Mortlich Cottage, near Tillybreen, because I know the owner. It was another great day of weather. I went straight up behind the cottage, through old bracken then heather and trees, and arrived at the summit by the memorial stone to the 10th Marquis of Huntly. A lot of the cairn material looks like building stone. Views not great because of the growth of pines. I saw a couple of goldfinches, a heron, a buzzard and a roebuck.

Mortlich and Craiglich

After spending our days being lavished with attention from our children (cup of coffee in bed, and cajoling them on family walks in the spring sunshine), Marie and I met up for a late afternoon run. Setting off from my home in Auchinhove, we went past Warhead to Tillylair farm. From here there is a land rover track that takes you up short of the top just north of Mortlich. A quick trudge through the heather brought us to the summit. From here we descended down the usual route and took a right into the Coull tracks. We followed back round the west side of Mortlich returning up to and along the boundary fence. We crossed the aptly names “Glen of Peat Lochies” which was as you would expect, before heading up to the hill above Lochmanse. We then continued from here up onto Craiglich, just in time to catch an amazing sunset over Morven (iPhone photo does not do it justice). From the top we descended back to Auchinhove through the forestry tracks. Run surprisingly longer than you would imagine at just over 10 miles.


Ran from minor road just off the A 93 , along a track going NE, kept on the old track until it became a small path continued until a gate and a Scots pine and Birch woodland. Headed up a little path to the top, beside the wood. This area will be very dense bracken in the summer and best avoided. Good view from the top, returned same way.

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85 Mortlich – local knowledge a benefit

We know that the club have run up here many times, but we haven’t so some sections turned out to be a bit of a challenge.
We started up through the golf course but headed to the western corner whereas I now suspect the ‘official’ route might be via the eastern corner.
Anyway we plodded up through the trees and eventually hit the forestry track going around the western side of Queen’s Hill.
At NJ531 011 at a gate, we found a runner’s path to the top.
We more or less retraced our steps back but I imagine that at the gate we could have followed the path south and (maybe) around the east of Queen’s Hill?

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Night run up Mortlich

Super night run with Jamie and Sam R.
Clear night, not too many icy patches.