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81. Baudnacauner NO 555 882

Hares haring all over the shop

From Finzean sawmill with Calum and Kirsty.

Sunny intervals day. Nice temperatures for a good hill run.

Up the Peter Hill track and along the top to cp81 – Baudnacauner. Grouse shooting going on somewhere southwards. Then down the long spur, bounding through the deep purple heather, startling all the hares, down to cp82 and the Lairds Burn ford.

Short return along the road to the sawmill.

Fun day


Left the Lairds Burn and headed up the track until it ended then up across the Heather to the top of Baudnacauner. Passed a dead deer on the track. Disturbed a hare and 3 deer on the top. Returned the same way. Sent from my Fire


Stopped off on way home for a jog not quite as short as hoped for. May not have been very quick on The Birnham Hill race on Saturday, and congrats to all those who were, but legs never been so stiff on following day and not great today. Somewhat dissappointed not to find foot brdge on map so ford was waded and cp 82 collected with ease. All went well with hill till near summit when peat took over and pace slowed to crawl. Possibly the only uncairned top around….or was I in the wrong place?

Tried a different descent but even less easy to run on and was pleased to get to van as the heavens opened.


In Birse

To the sawmill, and along the burn to the Laird’s Burn Ford, with my Wednesday walking companions. Thanks to Stan Forbes for the photo. Up the glen and through the heather to Baudnacauner, then back over the side of Peter Hill. Be warned, the track shown down the Garrol Burn does not exist. Not many birds, just a dipper and a pair of goosander on the burn, and some black grouse on the hill.

Snow on Baudnacauner

Parked at Birse roadend and warmed up on the road back to Burnfoot to cross the Feugh. Past the cottage and up through the fence to the (empty) Auchnabrack. Through between house and burn and continue about two hundred metres past the barn to where the track crosses the Rough Burn. After another gate the track turns gently uphill. As you reach the Badenhall Burn, the track forks and you want to go right and start the main climb. Although the track eventually deteriorates it does help you through the bulk of the climbing and leaves you about 1km of heather and hags short of Baudnacauner.
The promised snow showers could be seen coming in from the north east and eventually caught us on the top. It was quite impressive though, seeing the curtains of snow showers approach from miles away and it was better than rain as we never got wet. Snow faded as we turned for the run back and we had a lovely run down in the sun. Picnic at Birse before we set off for Clachnaben.

Photo: Mount Battock in the distance through the snow. Glad we hadn’t tried to run from there to Baudnacauner on Sunday.

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Someone has built a road up Mount Battock!

Started from the end of the road near Birse Castle and ran up the Fungle to the fence at the high point. From here there is a trod on the north side which makes it quite easy to get to the first point of the day (Mudlee Bracks). From here you will see that on the other side of the fence is a major road. Not sure where it comes from, but it leads all the way to half way up Mount Battock, where it turns off to Wester Cairn. Makes the running a lot easier, but isn’t exactly pretty. From Mount Battock took Donald’s advice and a more or less direct route to Baudnacauner, which is very good running all the way to the end of the track on Cock Hill, then there is a mown track past some shooting butts which takes you most of the way down to the burn. From there to the top of the hill is not so good, and the first part of the descent to the Laird’s Burn is horrible. Gets much better when you reach the track. Forded the Feugh near the challenge point and had a 4km run back to the car, the less said about which the better. Very tired by the end. Took 3.08, 24km, 1000m climbing. Mostly very good running, but the bits that weren’t, really weren’t.

Wet and Boggy

Set off from the Sawmill at Finzean up the track to Peter Hill. From here dropped down following one of the burns to Water of Aven. Then up the other side onto the shoulder named Cock Hill to join the track. Here we originally planned to continue up the track to Battock, but rain, sleet, wind and poor viz meant we turned back early heading back down to the river and then up onto Baudnacauner. We descended to the ford at Lairds Burn using the very well placed plank from previous visitors (we missed the bridge too) before returning to the sawmill.

91 Ord More

Tired after our efforts yesterday but too nice a day not to do something so we opted for a short walk to Ord More. Parked on north side by quarry and in along the land-rover track. At some large boulders, turn uphill on what looks like motorcycle scrambling tracks which take you to within metres of the trig.

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Should have worn crampons

Lots of ice on the path to the Laird’s Burn from Finzean sawmill. Using an old plank, I improvised a fantastic homemade bridge to cross the burn… then 30m higher up found the large and very functional bridge crossing.
A bit of a slog up Baudnacauner, which has an utterly unspectacular summit, awash in a sea of heather. Home via Peter’s Hill to make a good loop. Alan