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78. Baudy Meg NO 495 938

Baudy Meg and Carnferg

16th MayRan from Aboyne up the Fungle, right at the Guard, then the top track to below Baudy Meg. A bit of heather bashing up onto the top, and then lots more across the muir towards Carnferg. A nice tail wind helped me up the last climb, but this was followed by a nasty freezing squall dropping off the hill back to the Fungle.

Craigendarroch and Baudy Meg

The first (Craigendarroch) was a Sunday walk with the girls (their 11th cp).

The second (Baudy Meg) was today in lovely sunshine but bitterly cold winds. Started from Bridge of Ess up the Craigendinnie track and along. Returned by dropping down to the Firmounth Road and back by the river.

Excellent route around Tom Guibhais, Little Cock Cairn & Baudy Meg, on a lovely still afternoon

Wed 18th March
A lovely afternoon out in Glentanar. Bike to the gateway before Fairy Loch and changed to running shoes.
Run the first section of the long Tue night run, past the first of the ‘2 stone bridges’, go past the hut about 3-400m, look out for very shaky footbridge. Alternative ford crossing a little further on. Across the burn (Water of Allachy), look for landrover track heading up the hill directly to Tom Guibhais. Not much of a cairn there to mark the top.

Then follow track off to south towards the steep track up to Little Cock Cairn. This track gets a little indistinct for short sections, but then reappears after crossing the Birken Burn. Slog up to Little Cock Cairn – where the cairn is not on the top; the top is marked with a few boulders lying low, a little further to the east.

Then follow track eastwards to the Grouse Butts and when it turns sharply to the south, strike off across the heather, following a contour initially, then descend diagonally to where the Burn of Monrae meets the track. Then follow the track all the way to Baudy Meg. There was some lovely evening sunshine through the Glens to admire, before heading downwards across the heather to pick up the track once again. Descend down the woodland track back to the bike. 19.5 Km, 800m of total climb, about 2.5 hours running time.

GPX file for the route:

Bawdy Meg

Rather a misty day and we hung around at home all morning waiting for a break in the cloud. But no such luck, so we eventually settled on Bawdy Meg as today’s cp. Parked at bridge and then straightforward run up and back just in time before rain started again. It’s not spring yet.

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Baudy Meg

I went up the hill from Glen Tanar beside the Tower of Ess. It was mild and windy. From the ridge I went round the back of the hill, then came off the track opposite the stone pyramid balls and went up through short burnt heather. I saw a buzzard, two red grouse, a goldcrest and a hairy caterpillar. Strange time of the year to see them!

Wed morning run

Round here before work to test the handicap route. To much snow for that so back to the drawing board. We ended up running the fungle on the Thursday night.

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Baudy Meg

This was a new top for me, despite having skirted round it lots of times I have never actually been to the top. I thought others before me would have done the hard work and there would be foot-steps in the snow but the tracks had been filled in so it was trail blazing. Then headed towards the Guard and back to Glen Taner.

Baudy Meg in the snow February 2nd

My route up Baudy Meg was up the Fungle and on to the old pine tree, then towards Cross roads and on to the high point before striking up to the top. Great views from the top, Carnferg in the distance. I returned to cross roads then a very enjoyable descent to Glen Tanar and home via Tower of Ess. 13 .20km 2hrs 17mins 398ms climb