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70. Cnoc Dubh NO 421 991

Cnoc Dubh

4th JuneTook this in as part of a longer run from Cambus car park. Climbed onto Cnoc Dubh by the path from the north. Returned through terrain off the SW side of the hill until we hit the big track.

Cnoc Dubh

20 of us raced up cp70 last night before the AGM. Results:
Dave H – 25:31
Steph – 25:33
Dirk – 25:34
Jamie – 25:36
Dave C – 26:19
Andy – 26:20
Miles – 28:28
Trevor – 29:23
Sam – 29:28
Katie – 30:18
Warren – 31:07
Amandine – 31:43
Dave O – 33:53
Patrick – 34:47
Clare – 35:12
Jeff – 36:04
Evelyn -36:06
Joe – 37:11
Kathy – 38:45
Duncan – no time because he went off to the boardwalk before the start. Derek – marshall.

A quick fix of CP’s – try again

This is a nice wee route for picking up a few CP’s; starting at the Dinnet car park we headed off around Kinord on the South side and started slaloming through the ramblers dressed in full survival gear, good thing most of them were in luminous colours as it was pretty misty.

After about 2 miles we turned off the main track to take in the board walk, it gives access to a pretty good example of tertiary succession wetland (essentially a bog). We carried on towards the Burn O’ Vat road, crossed over and took the path through the woods and starting climbing up Cnoc Dubh, this is always a lovely place to run, soft underfoot, mostly singletrack and very undulating. About three quarters of the way up Steph decided to test my tired legs and I decided that my legs were tired – I uploaded a Strava segment for the Cnoc Dubh climb for you KOM baggers.

We stopped at the top to admire the shafts of sunlight shining on Pannanich and then blasted down the descent to try and find Duncan’s shortcut to the Upper Vat. We failed miserably in our quest and nearly had to imitate Jules Lines but decided to not downclimb the cliffs but to traverse the easy shoulder and down into the Vat. This is definitely an otherworldly place when the mist is down, half expected to see a few hobbits popping out of the rocks and was prepared for the tree in the picture to come to life, I shouldn’t have re-read Lord of the Rings the other day.

Wandered down the slightly difficult to run path to the sinkhole and out into the real world, headed off back round Kinord via the most direct route, there appears to be some path upgrading going on at the path to the North East of the loch near New Kinord. We met the luminous ones again just before we got back to the car park, not sure they understood what “we are on your left” meant but we did manage to engage in a couple of tangos as we negotiated our way past them.

Overall about 8.2 miles and about 650 feet of climbing, very relaxing way off picking up three CP’s and a very varied route.

Take me back to the Black Hill

Nice one Derek. A wander up Cnoc Dubh on another fine afternoon. I haven’t been up since doing a handicap in 2009, and the path is much more obvious now. This is presumably because mountain bikers are using it. The route had to be marked six years back. I came up the old drove road from Cambus. For those who don’t know the hill path, it starts beside the Dinnet reserve boundary beside the metal gate. Just look for the tyre tracks. On the way back down I came upon the split granite stones in the photo. Mysterious! The other picture is the view towards Ballater and Lochnagar.