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67. Culblean Hill NJ 398 008

Scar Hill and Balnagowan

Evening run up these two from home. Biked up the road/ track from the gliding strip towards Braeroddach with stones pinging out from under my wheels until i could bear it no longer (about 200m short of the farm) then ditched the bike and continued up towards Scar Hill. Great view point on a fine evening, should come here more often. Did however discover an unexpected downside to my finger shoes- they really don’t like barbed wire fences! There are lots of barbed wire fences on this route. Blood was drawn.
Headed down towards Tillyduke then followed a fine running path towards Blue cairn before following the fields to Balnagowan hill. From there i headed south to join a forestry track then took a straight line back to the bike and home for tea.
Great wee run and good refresher with map and compass. Total about 1:30

Culblean Hill on a cool sleety Sunday morning

Sunday 29th March
Up the landrover track from Raebush and Redburn – a good slope for hill reps, which after 10 x minute on, minute off, I was close to top of the main climb, phew!
A cool and overcast morning with a little sleety snow in the air.
Culblean high points – there are two cairns at much the same height on the top.
Then back down via the Trig Point above Redburn, overlooking Lochs Kinord & Davan.

1 April, 2015 18:34

April Showers came with wind, rain,sleet, snow and brother in law. The latter prefers cycling to running so I was kind of thinking of heading to the Vat car park and see what weather did. Went wrong at first junction so ended up on A97, so plan B took us to Loch Davan then road to Raebush and up to Culblean hill in blizzard conditions. Gloves were not up to task but David enjoyed descent to Rashy Burn. I shelved Crannoch hill and headed to cafe viafiring range and Monument. Once warm headed to the river, a place I once lost mycar keys as it got dark, so had not been back. River was great in high water and fisherman out in droves.

Pretty tired by time Aboyne was reached. so much for a short bike ride.


Culblean Hill

Saturday 21st. We had lots of chores to do and it was also very windy up with us so no plans for a cp today. But the wind dropped mid afternoon and the sun came out so we made a late decision to go out. We had tried earlier in the week to get Crannoch and Culblean from the Cambus O’May end but bad weather forced us to abandon Culblean and today was a good chance to get back in the saddle. This time we came in from Redburn and followed the 4×4 track on the north side of the hill. Our 1:50 doesn’t show it, but there is a spur at NJ 406 020. This is also good 4×4 and although it deteriorates at the very end, it does go almost all the way to the top.

Back to the challenge

After another week looking after grandchildren it was good to get back on the hill, and on a fine day. I started from Raebush and headed up to the trigpoint first, before going across country to get up Culblean. then returning via the good track below the summit. A very special bird, a hen harrier, appeared very briefly lower down the hill. I would advise it to leave Dinnet estate, as it is not a healthy place for a harrier to be. A skylark higher up was a surprise too.

Crannoch & Culbean

Beautiful day for it, although cold on the tops. We started at Cambus and left the track fairly early on to reach the 556m top of Crannoch then nice run along the top and down to the deer fence. Good short heather up Culbean although Coogie the dog chased a white hare and was lost for about 10 minutes so it gave us a good rest part way up the hill while we shouted and whistled. Nice run to the trig point then directly South towards Burn O’Vat and then back to Cambus.

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Culblean Hill

Headed off the Culstern Burn Path and crossed over the burn, now quite small. Headed straight up to the top over short Heather and small rocks. Lots of cairns on top so photographed them all. The photo shows Ballater Bridge in the distance and a growing storm. Descended west and returned to the Culstern Burn path and then had a very enjoyable run back to Cambus O May.11 km. 575m climb

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