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66. Crannoch Hill summit NJ 386 008

Golden surprise on Crannach Hill

Sat 16th May
Good run up the path to Morven from Tullich, followed fence line up from the path until near the top, where the granite ‘pavement’ surface made up for the clamber up from the path through the heather.
Cairn on summit, with view south along the ridge towards Mt Keen.
Followed the deer tracks along the granite outcrops on the ridge to Crannach Hill, and what I’m almost certain was a Golden Eagle rose slowly through some trees and soared upwards and off to the west. Amazing.

Scar Hill and Balnagowan

Evening run up these two from home. Biked up the road/ track from the gliding strip towards Braeroddach with stones pinging out from under my wheels until i could bear it no longer (about 200m short of the farm) then ditched the bike and continued up towards Scar Hill. Great view point on a fine evening, should come here more often. Did however discover an unexpected downside to my finger shoes- they really don’t like barbed wire fences! There are lots of barbed wire fences on this route. Blood was drawn.
Headed down towards Tillyduke then followed a fine running path towards Blue cairn before following the fields to Balnagowan hill. From there i headed south to join a forestry track then took a straight line back to the bike and home for tea.
Great wee run and good refresher with map and compass. Total about 1:30

Up Culsten Glen

On a beautiful morning I went up the glen to get to the summit of Crannach Hill. I followed Jane’s advice to go up the track until you reach the fenced area. I followed the fence line until I got to a stile, then followed the narrow path up to the summit. Fantastic views from up there on an almost cloudless day. I saw a couple of mountain hares on the hill, and a great spotted woodpecker and singing song thrush lower down, but very little wildlife otherwise.

Crannach Hill – Rain stops play

Set off in fine weather hoping to reach Crannach Hill and then Culblean Hill but with the prospect of a storm front coming in from the west.
We haven’t been up this track over the Culsten Burn before and were surprised to find such a good running/biking track. It is a really lovely run. We ran further north than KatieH and MarieE but not as far as JaneO before turning up the hill through the deep heather. We did come back down by JaneO’s route and this would certainly have been a better ascent, minimising the amount of climb in the deeper heather. The deer fence corner is at NJ387 011.
After descending back to the track, we sat down for a bit of food and a look at the map. At that point the rain started and we knew that Culblean was going to be beyond our (safe) reach today. Had a lovely run back down to Cambus and since it was raining quite heavily by the time we got there, we were sure we’d made the right decision.
(photo – Ev on top of Crannach Hill looking toward Culblean)

Crannoch & Culbean

Beautiful day for it, although cold on the tops. We started at Cambus and left the track fairly early on to reach the 556m top of Crannoch then nice run along the top and down to the deer fence. Good short heather up Culbean although Coogie the dog chased a white hare and was lost for about 10 minutes so it gave us a good rest part way up the hill while we shouted and whistled. Nice run to the trig point then directly South towards Burn O’Vat and then back to Cambus.

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Crannoch Hill Summit

Ran from Cambus O May car park towards the quarry then West to cross over the Culsten Burn, followed track North until I was level with a deer fence corner post. Followed a nice little animal track along side the fence. As the fence turned I headed for the top on short Heather. Descended the same way to the main track and Culblean hill beckoned. Sent from my Fire

Crannach hill and Tullich from Cambus

We set off from Cambus car park with the first challenge of the day to hunt for my compass that I dropped during Night O at Cambus on Wed. I knew where it was within an area of ~20x20m but after 10′ of hunting we had drawn a blank – until just as I suggested abandoning when Jon found it at his feet. We then picked up the path up alongside the Culsten Burn, following it N for a couple of km before striking up the side of the hill through some deep snow and onto Crannach N summit. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies and cracking views. We followed the ridge all the way south to the top of some crags before dropping steeply to the west down towards the Tullich shooting range. The scraggy old sheep looked like it had survived the fire by developing good camouflage. Then it was back along the path and across the A93 to the Deeside Way with a short detour to Tullich monument before returning to the car.