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65. Crannoch firing range NO 3845 982

SueB up to 4

Don’t think I was the first to either, but thanks to person with huge feet, whose tracks I followed. Jogged from Tullich graveyard to both. Went up East side of stream, hoped to come down on w side but very boggy. At monument it was like watership down- loads of rabbits enjoying the view.
Didn’t get fired at, despite wearing what appears to be a huge conical hat with bright trim

Around Tullich

Here are a couple of sites near the Deeside Way. The Farquharson Monument is on a hillock by the path side a couple of miles east of Ballater. There is a gate by the path to reach it. To get to the old firing range I went from the path through a gate into Tullich Kirk and cemetery, crossed the main road and went up the side of the farm, past the front of the holiday cottage and up the Tullich Burn. Cross the footbridge and you’re just about there. Still a fair bit of snow around. You can reach the firing range from the Mast Hill track as well. Climb until you have gone under the power lines, then drop down through the birches and you will find it.