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64. Monument NO 400 977

Wee afternoon run

Returning home from a couple of days in the rain on the west coast, I stopped off at Cambus to take these 2 in on a wee circuit out through forest and back on the Deeside Way. Did it from memory so took a while to work out where the firing range was, eventually coming down on it from above! Lots of rabbits at the Monument.

1 April, 2015 18:34

April Showers came with wind, rain,sleet, snow and brother in law. The latter prefers cycling to running so I was kind of thinking of heading to the Vat car park and see what weather did. Went wrong at first junction so ended up on A97, so plan B took us to Loch Davan then road to Raebush and up to Culblean hill in blizzard conditions. Gloves were not up to task but David enjoyed descent to Rashy Burn. I shelved Crannoch hill and headed to cafe viafiring range and Monument. Once warm headed to the river, a place I once lost mycar keys as it got dark, so had not been back. River was great in high water and fisherman out in droves.

Pretty tired by time Aboyne was reached. so much for a short bike ride.


the duathlon to end all duathlons


Biked up to Loch Muick with Pete, calling on the Falls of Muick and Cul nan Gad on the way. From the road end we ran up the Allt Darrarie, which is a nice spot and a lovely run back down. Fast bike down to Ballater and a slow run up Craigendarroch. Then coffee in the Bothy, by which I mean cake. Easy points from then on – Tullich shooting range only about 10 mins, monument only 3, River Dee about 15, boardwalk 7, bit longer up the Vat Burn – didn’t really know where the point was even though I chose it, so just went up until we ran out of clliffs and took the high path back. Finally only 8 mins to the mouth of the Logie Burn, which was very quiet and peaceful though it was getting a bit dark by then. 62km on the bike in 2 hours 20, 20 km run in 2.10, 20 mins in the coffee shop and a not inconsiderable time changing shoes.

Detours along the Deeside Way

Friday 13th March
A nice mountain bike canter along the Deeside Way, with detours off to check out the Dee opposite Inchmarnoch, the Monument memorial to Farquharson of Monaltrie, the founder of Ballater, and then on to the Crannoch firing range.
So where did they shoot from to the targets point? It looks like there may have been prone shooting positions just over from the footbridge?

64 Monument to some dead bloke

Continuing our outing from Dinnet along the Deeside Way. At the west end of the hillock there is a gate and a Boots for History path – just a sheep trail but it leads the way.

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Family outing

A lovely walk with the family and puppies to bag 2 checkpoints. River Dee opposite Inchmarnoch and the Monument, along the Deesideway.

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Crannach hill and Tullich from Cambus

We set off from Cambus car park with the first challenge of the day to hunt for my compass that I dropped during Night O at Cambus on Wed. I knew where it was within an area of ~20x20m but after 10′ of hunting we had drawn a blank – until just as I suggested abandoning when Jon found it at his feet. We then picked up the path up alongside the Culsten Burn, following it N for a couple of km before striking up the side of the hill through some deep snow and onto Crannach N summit. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies and cracking views. We followed the ridge all the way south to the top of some crags before dropping steeply to the west down towards the Tullich shooting range. The scraggy old sheep looked like it had survived the fire by developing good camouflage. Then it was back along the path and across the A93 to the Deeside Way with a short detour to Tullich monument before returning to the car.