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Fine day but on dog walking duty and too nice for the normal stroll. So followed new “ish” cycle track over bridge to Coull House and wee loch where a rapter was hunting in the sun. From ther a track led towards Gallow hill but sure enough was stopped by a major fence. This was followed to the fence which led to the track to top. Path was followed down which was soon blocked by fallen trees and then splinterred into several tracks created by forrestry vehicles. All fine to golf course where fence uncrossable with dogs. opted right which was wrong, but saved by fallen tree over river leading to castle.

Am I an oddity in feeling Mortlich would be a better hill with some care for it’s paths and maybe even a few more paths, Personally despite drive/cycle will always prefer the Muir of Dinnet, Cambus of May and now Tarland for low level activity.(written with real feelings edited out)