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6. Wells of Dee NN 938 988

Indian summer in the CairnGorms in October!

Fri 2nd Oct
What a day – Just the best, indeed!
With Roger C and Andy T – jog/walk from Derry Lodge to Corrour Bothy and dumped my overnight gear (thanks Roger & Andy for the help with my heavyweight sleeping bag…!).
No problem going up to Devil’s Point with the load off my back! On to Loch nan Stuirteag for lunch, then the longer haul up to Wells of Dee. BraeRiach was a must do with such a perfect day. Sharp descent down Garbh Choire, where Roger & Andy headed on down and I went up to pick my way through the cliffs to Lochan Uaine (west) – a wee bit tricky at times. Then descended down through the boulders to Lairig Ghru and down to Corrour Bothy for the night. Well knackered after all that, so was very glad to spend the night there.

Glen of Dee from Devil’s Point

Glen Geusachan

3 at Devil’s Point

Loch nan Stuirteag

Wells of Dee

That view from BraeRiach, with Lochan Uaine on the right

Lochan Uaine

Cairngorms Adventure

Have taken a backseat from the cps over the past couple of months, but a chance child-free weekend, and a friend in pursuit of a couple of Cairngorm Munros, made a good opportunity to visit some of the more remote points.

We cycled in from Linn of Dee to White Bridge and then up Glen Dee past the Chest of Dee to level with a small plantation. Here we changed to foot and headed up the first hill Beinn Bhrotain. We then traversed Monadh Mor before dropping down to Loch nan Stuirteag. From here it was a slog up the shoulder of Braeriach in worsening mist, making finding the Wells of Dee a good navigational challenge. We continued on to the top before retracing our steps slightly and taking a direct route down into Garbh Chorie and the small Howff that was our home for the night. A pretty basic lodging we used the shelter for cooking away from the midges, but then retired to the tent for a sip of homemade Blackcurrent Gin.

The next morning was again thick mist, but the climb up to Lochan Uaine saw us rise above a stunning inversion filling the whole of the Lairig. We then climbed the NE ridge (quite a challenge for the dog at the top) which topped out directly onto the summit of Angels Peak. From here it was a lovely traverse of Cairn Toul and a quick detour to the Devils Point before dropping down to Corrour and the long trek back to the bikes in Glen Dee.

The Angel’s Peak

A pleasant circuit of Sgor an Lochain Uaine. We took the Larig Ghru to where the Allt a’Garbh Choire heads west to the bothy 1.5k west of the Bothy. Follow the stream up past the waterfall steeply up to Lochan Uaine (cp 7). From there up the Angel’s Ridge provides a fine line to to the Summit.

a gentle descent for approx 3k at first west then northerly leads to the Wells of Dee (cp 6) flowing crystal clear water. Head south down the gentle slope for another 3k down to the to the equally beautiful Loch nan Stuirtaig. (cp5)

From here traverse across to Allt clais an t-Sabhail and a gentle climb to the east soon to the north slopes of Cairn Toul and an easy contour up Devil’s Point (cp8). The path is reversed and continued down past the Bothy and back to the bikes, from where a broken chain led to a slow return.

26k and 1570m ascent.

Inline image

Inline image

Inline image

A day out with Duncan

Duncan collected me shortly before 8.30am with his friend Chris. We parked in Mar lodge car park in the woods and headed out on our bikes to Derry Lodge. Along Glen Luibeg where the track splits off to the Lairig Ghru we stashed the bikes in the trees. From Lairig Ghru we squelched our way to Garbh Coire Bothy. Heading up beside the waterfall we stopped for a drink from Lochan Uaine. Scrambling up a blocky narrow exposed ridge, with good hand and foot placements I didn’t look down too often. Coming out on the top of Angel’s Peak. Next stop was at the Wells of Dee for a drink from them. Back on ourselves for a bit we dropped down to Loch nan Stuirteag for a drink from it. Climbing in height we had a drink from Allt Clais an t-Sabhail and came around Buidheanach of Cairntoul. Up and down Devil’s Point the same way. Off the hills at Coire Odhar down to Corrour bothy. Back at our bikes about 5 ish. It was still really midgey. Due to a bike problem we got back to the van about 8pm or not long after but it was worth it.

Perfect training for Glencoe Skyline (in fact a great local alternative if anyone interested)

A pleasant circuit of An Garbh Coire, up the Angel’s Ridge, Round to the Wells of Dee , Down to Loch nan Stuirtaig before heading up Allt clais an t-Sabhail to 1000m and contouring round the Buidheanach of Cairntoul and up to Bod an Deamhain. Then a sprint down Coire Odhar and a slow plod back to the bikes. Where a broken chain led to a slow return.

26k and 1570m ascent.

[Ursula,Duncan, ChrisT]

Just the best

This can’t be bettered.

With Warren and Andy T. Biking in from Linn of Dee to Derry Lodge. Then running/walking via Devils Point, Loch nan Stuirteag, Wells of Dee, Braeriach, back via An Garbh Choire and Lairig Ghru, leaving Warren to take in Lochan Uaine and stop over night at Corrour.

The pictures tell the story. Wow.


Devils Point

Loch nan Stuirteag

Heading up Braeriach

Wells of Dee


..and that view

An Garbh Choire

Back down the Lairig Derry Lodge