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41. Upper Allt Darrarie NO 323 834

Great weather for a boggy run above Glen Muick

Monday 28th Sept
Excellent day to go up Upper Allt Darrarie and then carry on up to cross the peaty tops to the Capel Road and then follow the watershed level over to Broom hill. Probably the dryest it has been all year. Then followed the Black Burn all the way down to Loch Muick. Great streams scenery up and down both glens. 16k total run, about 3 hours, including a lazy time in the sun on the top!

View down to Glen Clova from Broom Hill

A fine burnside walk – Upper Allt Darrarie

On way back from Broom Hill, we came off the Capel at the track which skirts Black Hill. Followed track around to the stalkers shelter and then contoured around to east before dropping down to the (very ) upper Allt Darrarie.
Its good going alongside the river and eventually you pick up the marked track and the cp before descending back to the Spittal.
Lots of deer with their new seasons furry antlers.

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CP collecting up Glen Muick

Unlike Peter and Dave H’s duathlon, my duathlon of these points was driving and then walking, my excuse was it was a family outing. Walk up Allt Darrarie was interesting but we must have walked straight past the illicit still and didn’t realise it was there despite noticing rocks with numbers written on them. We really liked The Cairns of Cul nan Gad because there is a great view for minimal effort. Even less effort was the Linn of Muick as we parked the car right next to the cp!

Top Birdwatching at the Spittal

With rain threatening further west, I headed to Glen Muick to go up the glen of the Allt Darrarie, at the Spittal. There’s a narrow, but decent path up, and the burn is quite dramatic in places. There’s a great view back down and across to another challenge, Caisteal na Caillich. As I headed back down the hill, I noticed a movement up above, and there was a golden eagle, in all its glory. It eventually flew over the horizon, but came back a few minutes later, even closer and in the sun. Brilliant! I also saw a dipper, mistle thrush, buzzard, ring ouzel and a big herd of red deer. A great afternoon.

Allt Fileachaidh circuit

Weather was not great, albiet a bit warmer so thought a canter round the East side of Glen Muick would be good practice for the Clachnaben Race.

All started well with a gentle jog up a good track then good ground to Cul nan Gad. From therea fine tracl leads to the Scoube (a fine name, whatever it is). Decission time, up to point 698 or down to the river, gentle dizzle meant the river won and all went well down and then up to Creag na Slabhraidh, from where what I imagined would be a nice jog along a ridge never materialised. Instead endless pethags led very slowly to pt 660 and down to the burn of Mohamed (please explain, though no sign of fundamentalists today, n fact no sign of anyone) and the fine track by Allt Darrarie which leeds to the parking, which was close to full and a short road jog to the van.


the duathlon to end all duathlons


Biked up to Loch Muick with Pete, calling on the Falls of Muick and Cul nan Gad on the way. From the road end we ran up the Allt Darrarie, which is a nice spot and a lovely run back down. Fast bike down to Ballater and a slow run up Craigendarroch. Then coffee in the Bothy, by which I mean cake. Easy points from then on – Tullich shooting range only about 10 mins, monument only 3, River Dee about 15, boardwalk 7, bit longer up the Vat Burn – didn’t really know where the point was even though I chose it, so just went up until we ran out of clliffs and took the high path back. Finally only 8 mins to the mouth of the Logie Burn, which was very quiet and peaceful though it was getting a bit dark by then. 62km on the bike in 2 hours 20, 20 km run in 2.10, 20 mins in the coffee shop and a not inconsiderable time changing shoes.