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4. Beinn Bhrotain NN954 923

autumn in the upper Dee

Cycled in from Linn of Dee to White Bridge and then on northwards past the Chest of Dee as far as sensible. Autumn colours at the Chest were gorgeous. After abandoning the bikes it was a long slog up onto Beinn Bhrotain. Plenty of stags roaring and a few ptarmigan higher up, but not much other wildlife. Cloud came in a bit on the summit and the wind definitely had an autumnal feel to it. Found a better line on the descent, sticking to the high ground to avoid the bogs. Then a quick whizz back on the bikes. It was going to be too late for the Bothy so a promise of chips was made instead, but sadly the Hungry Highlander let us down. Co-op saved the day with chocolate cake to get us back to Ballater.

That’s me reached enough cps to claim my mug.

A fine morning to wake up in the CairnGorms

Sat 3rd October
A great sleep in Corrour Bothy – and after a good breakfast, headed south to Allt Garbh, and found track up towards Beinn Bhrotain.
Followed the Allt Garbh to Coire an t-Sneachtda, three quarters of the way up to Beinn Bhrotain, and then into some cloud, so only about 100m visibility on the top. Super walk up, some of it on the granite slabs in the burn. Also a great descent, easy running back down to collect the bags, some lunch and a wee rest in the sunshine….
Then up through the heather to Sgor Mor, in the sunshine. Interesting granite slabs on top. Could have routed across the tops back direct to Linn of Dee – but my bike was at Derry Lodge….
Descent down Allt a Choire Dhuibh to Gleann Laoigh Beag – slow going with the baggage. Very glad to reach the track and then Derry Lodge.

Beinn Bhrotain trig point

View back up Lairig Ghru from Sgor Mor

Cairngorms Adventure

Have taken a backseat from the cps over the past couple of months, but a chance child-free weekend, and a friend in pursuit of a couple of Cairngorm Munros, made a good opportunity to visit some of the more remote points.

We cycled in from Linn of Dee to White Bridge and then up Glen Dee past the Chest of Dee to level with a small plantation. Here we changed to foot and headed up the first hill Beinn Bhrotain. We then traversed Monadh Mor before dropping down to Loch nan Stuirteag. From here it was a slog up the shoulder of Braeriach in worsening mist, making finding the Wells of Dee a good navigational challenge. We continued on to the top before retracing our steps slightly and taking a direct route down into Garbh Chorie and the small Howff that was our home for the night. A pretty basic lodging we used the shelter for cooking away from the midges, but then retired to the tent for a sip of homemade Blackcurrent Gin.

The next morning was again thick mist, but the climb up to Lochan Uaine saw us rise above a stunning inversion filling the whole of the Lairig. We then climbed the NE ridge (quite a challenge for the dog at the top) which topped out directly onto the summit of Angels Peak. From here it was a lovely traverse of Cairn Toul and a quick detour to the Devils Point before dropping down to Corrour and the long trek back to the bikes in Glen Dee.

Big Cairngorm Day

Big day (Sunday 16th August) with a whole lot of climb.

Bike to White Bridge from Linn of Dee.

Chest of Dee (cp11)

Beinn Bhrotain (cp4)

Monadh Mor

Loch nan Stuirteag (cp5)

Sgor an Lochain Uaine

Cairn Toul

Stob Coire an t-Saighdeir

Devils Point (cp 8)

And bike back.

5.30 run/walk, 45 bike.

Little sun but very windy and very clear.

Top day and very few folk about for a weekend. Done in by the end pretty much.

CP 4 Beinn Bhrotain

Opted for return to White bridge and then continued to cycle, to Chest of Dee (CP 11 for 3rd time, and I was concerned when I passed so close to it on an early ticking adventure, but not close enough!), again continued up track till I gave up on bike. Ran a bit but headed off up the hills towards Carn Chloich-mhuilinn, avoiding summit to check out a crag I can find no reference too in the guide or on the map.

From there the inspate Allt Garbh was followed up and into the mist. A track was found and lost and the rain came, and the the mist thickened. A cairn was reached then a bit of height lost then re-gained, and then snow. Kept heading up due west and after a while the snow ended and the slope eased off and then out of the mist came the Trig Point. (thank god for mappers).

After the obligatory pic took a bearing and followed it into the mist. Snow was quickly reached which made for easy descent…until it started to steepen and harden and visibility down to say 5m…ah well press on and hope and sure enough the angle eased, the snow ened and as the visability returned so did the Allt Garbh path.