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38. Broom Hill NO 279 798

Great weather for a boggy run above Glen Muick

Monday 28th Sept
Excellent day to go up Upper Allt Darrarie and then carry on up to cross the peaty tops to the Capel Road and then follow the watershed level over to Broom hill. Probably the dryest it has been all year. Then followed the Black Burn all the way down to Loch Muick. Great streams scenery up and down both glens. 16k total run, about 3 hours, including a lazy time in the sun on the top!

View down to Glen Clova from Broom Hill

Broom Hill

I headed up the Capel Mounth to reach Broom Hill, overlooking Glen Clova. There are a lot of peat hags on the plateau, and I avoided them by following a grassy burn on to Dog Hillock and walking round the northern slope to reach Broom Hill. It was a much warmer day than of late, but quite dull. I got a great view of the fantastically named Juanjorge crags. I saw raven, buzzard, skylark, dipper, common gull, black-headed gull, redstart, lapwing, curlew, snipe, oystercatcher, swallow, house martin, ring ouzel and wheatear.

If Broom Hill was a whisky, it would be ‘peaty’

Set out from Glen Muick visitor centre and up the Capel Mounth to the county boundary (more or less). Then into the heather with our target at approx. 2km.
Couldn’t see any tracks so it was a slow trek through lots of peat hags before we reached the grassier slopes of Broom Hill itself.
Fine views, even on a misty day, and nice to see down into Glen Clova.
Back at the Capel track we had an energy bar lunch and spotted Dubh Loch in the distance (cp37) where we had been last week.
Saw hare, lots of grouse chicks and a mole (I think).

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Broom Hill

A long-standing objective as a valley with several significant low altitude winter climbs and wanted to check for what was left. Possibly the best hill run I’ve done as part of this project. Starting at Glen Doll Visitor’s Centre car park, a gentle jog along the South Esk track as far as the foot bridge over the Esk. Head north up Ketchieburn to a cairn-less Broom Hill. Head south to Gourock, which is actually a loch with fine views. Then on up to the Dog hillock, 732m, with a fine descent to the wood above Moulzie and the track back to the car.

challenge 2015 – a round of loch muick

Haven’t been up here for years, so great to have the incentive to get the map out and visit some of these slightly out the way places. Some beautiful viewpoints and a lovely round above Loch Muick. Crossing the Allt Darrarie above the falls was a bit (d)icy, and Kahtoolas were useful when descending the snow banks to the Dubh Loch (which is completely covered in thick ice), but the cliffs are most impressive and it’s a great time of year for doing this – in the gullies the snow is firm and very runnable, making it easier than in the summer. Several herds of deer and a gazillion hares.

Linn of Muick NO 332 895 20 Feb 2015

Cul nan Gad NO 323 875 20 Feb 2015

Upper Allt Darrarie NO 323 834 20 Feb 2015

Broom Hill NO 279 798 20 Feb 2015

Dubh Loch (Loch Muick) 20 Feb 2015

Glasallt waterfall NO 271 830 20 Feb 2015