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24. Sron na Gaoithe NO 157 792

Winter’s here – up Glenshee

Mon 16th Nov
Well it looked nice leaving Aboyne – but all thoughts of a circuit over by Glas Maol were gone after passing through Braemar. Parked in car park below Dubh Choire and put on some extra layers. Ran alongside the river till the next bridge, had to cross the bridge and use the footbridge to cross over the full burns. Followed the track up to Sron na Gaoithe, thankfully sheltered on the lee side until arriving at the top – did not stay there long! Return rapidly on same route.
Back down to Braemar with just enough daylight to get up Creag Choinnich. Very nice track up through the woods and made up to very good walking track to the top after the woods. Followed another track, not marked on the map, back down to the woods and picked up the return loop. Need to go back for a run around by the Lion’s Face another time. Thankfully did not suffer Ursula’s wincing experience on the way down!!

At the top of Sron na Gaoithe, not much to see….

the track to Glas Maol

Sron na Gaoithe

Parked at the walkers carpark on way up to Glenshee. Even on a dreich midweek day it was quite busy. Over the bridge and follow the faint track up to the eastern shoulder and then up to the summit. A strenuous but straightforward climb.
Poor visibility reduced our view but its still a fine viewpoint.

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Skiing in the wind and slush

Taken a couple of days off work as my sister over for a few days. She was keen to do some good ski descents, I thought it would be good to combine with some cp bagging! Started day heading up Carn an Tuirc following a series of almost linked snow lines. Headed over the back and did a great descent of Y-gully down into Coire Loch Kandar. On reaching the loch realised that snow line pretty much stopped at this point and was unable to convince my sister that a slog with the skis on our backs round to Tolmount was a good idea. Instead booted up east side of the coire to find wind had increased and cloud base lowered. Went up over Cairn of Claise and descended its head wall into Garbh-Choire. A head wind and sticky snow made this not the most pleasant of experiences, but allowed me to persuade a trip up onto Sron na Gaoithe to get a better line back to the car.

Blowing a Hooley part 2

Must be honest happy to follow in the footsteps of the local superstars, and forecast was good for Wednesday so off I went. Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad and not a cloud in the sky and sub zero at road level looked great for Wednesday. What I hadn’t listened for was the gale force winds. Ah well was a planning anything tricky so off I went. The snow was bullet hard and not too steep so easy to skin up. Point 24 was soon reached and the pic was snapped as I struggled to stay standing. I probably should have gone down for a hot chocolate but sense did not prevail.

Half way along the plateau I stopped to put on a layer, not clever as cag, a glove and hat disappeared with the wind. Rucsac was packed and I headed down hill blown by the wind. First the glove then the cag were found bit no sign of the hat! ah well 2 out of 3 not bad! The hat was soon on the head and the winter gloves were on and soon the summit was reached. Thinking of ticking the loch for point 26 was soon dismissed and my tracks were slowly reversed (into the wind now). The slopes ere reached and a fine ski got me down to the roads. I do like the locals as first car stopped to offer me a lift which i declined as only 100 yards from the van.


Afternoon in the sun

Secured the afternoon off work, so looked out the skis and went cp hunting under clear blue skies. First of the day was up Sron na Gaoithe from the carpark at the foot of the hill. Hard crusty snow most of the way up, there’s a lot more snow up high than it looks from the road. From there it was down into the garbh choire and back up onto cairn of claise (a steep slog in the sunshine), before a fast decent on crust/ ice towards the tolmount. Unfortunately the aproach to the tolmount was bare, so dropped the gear and hoofed it up to the summit. Had a silly billy moment on return as I couldn’t find the skis! Spotted them after a while and headed back over to carn an tuirc just in time for sunset. Fantastic descent all the way back to the car on gleaming ice, turning to hard crust lower down. Thankfully the old edges were nice and sharp!!

Sron na Gaoithe


Hmmm… where did I park the skis??

Chasing the sun

Red sky at night….

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