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CP58 Mona Gowan NJ 335 058

Mona Gowan horseshoe

Having seen a few other Deesiders do this circuit, and presented with Friday off work when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky – I took my chances with the snow conditions
Parked up next the caravan that’s always in the layby on the Gairnsheil road (and had a nice chat with the lady that lives there).
Skis on from the car and followed 2 other people’s tracks. Spent the whole day wondering who’s they were – Strava later confirmed they were Ros’ and Sarah’s.
A great loop linking up Mona Gowan, Tom Liath and Lary Hill. Would make a nice run in the summer too, making use of the tracks that the estate has installed.

Link to Strava if anyone want to follow the route:

What a day not to be in the hoffice…!