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18. Tom Anthon NO 099 882

Clais Fhearnaig & Tom Anthon

Wed 18th Nov
A blustery day – Cycled in from Linn of Dee to the path up to Clais Fhearnaig. Nice shelter in the little glen.

Back down to Inverey car park and ran out the track up the west side of Tom Anthon. Approached the top from the south side.
Descended down the north side to the Cairn, across a fence. Large cairn, with no memorial markings – I surmised it to be a memorial to cairn builders! Interesting descent down past the cliffs through the woods to the car park following a few faint deer tracks.
View from Tom Anthon up Glen Ey.

The Cairn

Down by the cliffs

Range of CP’s

I haven’t been posting my CP’s so thought it was time to get them recorded so I get my mug for reaching 50! Most were done with the kids over the summer. One of the most memorable was my daughter encountering an adder on Tom Anthon, I have never seen her move as fast. Clais Fhearnaig is a beautiful spot, I can’t imagine going there if it wasn’t for the CP and I will definitely go back.
So the CP’s I have done over the last few months are: Lamahip, River Dee (by Shooting Greens), Brackloch Craig, Fog House, Creag Choinich, Colonel’s Bed, Tom Anthon, Claus Fhearnaig, Benaquhaillie.

Victoria sponge par excellence

My suggestion to Evelyn – after I’ve been for my annual dental checkup, why don’t we do cp10 (Tom Anton) and then try out The Bothy tearoom in Braemar.
Parked at Inverey and up the zigzag track and then through the heather. Forgot both camera/phone and gps so no photo and had to resort to actual mapreading to find the cp. Luckily it must be about the easiest on the challenge.
Took direct route back through the trees and onto Braemar.
Food, portions and service in The Bothy were excellent. As Victoria sponge was oozing cream and jam and is one of my few weaknesses, the choosing was simple. Coffee also to be recommended and be sure to get a loyalty card for future visits. (they have a sister shop in Ballater).
Oh yes, dentist gave me the all clear.

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Inverey- and yet another eagle

Up to Inverey in chilly, but dry conditions. By bike up the glen, about an hour up to Altanour Lodge, with a stop at the Colonel’s Bed. This was another new glen for me, although I had been up as far as the Colonel’s Bed. I was surprised by the number of grassy areas, clearly old farmland as there were several old settlements up the glen. I then came back down and turned up the other track, leaving the bike at the last bend in the track to follow a narrow animal path on to the ridge to ascend Tom Anthon ( wrongly identified on the challenge site as Colonel’s Bed, but numbered CP 18). Stopping at one point to look for the summit, I was amazed to see a golden eagle swoop over my head, my second in just a week. There was a small cairn of quartz stones at the summit, with a nice view down to the Dee at the Quoich.

Tom Anthon

Did a traverse of this while a friend was at a meeting at Mar Lodge. Starting from the bridge for Mar Lodge, headed to Inverey, then up track that zigzags up west side of Tom Anthon. Directly up through the heather at the last bit, then from the top headed north to the marked Cairn. A nicer point that the actual cp (by then the snowstorm had calmed so got some views). From there headed east along side of the drystone dyke and met up with the track that goes past Braegarie. Returned to Mar Lodge via road and bridge.