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17. Colonel’s Bed NO 087 871

The Colonel’s Bed (with Carn Bhac)

Having looked down the Colonel’s Bed en route to Beinn Iutharn Mhor the point was “ticked” but felt I owed it a return visit and a visiting friend was keen to visit Carn Bhac which could easily be combined. 2 days of high rain would ensure that Bed would be as stunning to see as ever as in deed it was. (though not as good as the clockwise circuit of all the Carn Bhac summits which would make a great run).

Glorious day in and above Glen Ey

Tue 3rd Nov
Cycled in from Inverey, first stop The Colonel’s Bed – what a fascinating gorge. Then onward up to Altanour Lodge, at 10k, for a snack and park the bike before deciding to do a few extra Munroes on such glorious day. Headed up the ridge to An Socach where I was greeted by two ladies who had walked over from Glenshee. Then across the saddle to Beinn Lutharn Bheag, and then on to Mam nan Carn, and finally Beinn Lutharn Mhor. Amused to see a fourth Lochan Uaine below. Lovely run along the top and then down the ridge. Final section was boggy for last 2k back to the bike. Great bike ride back down the glen.
The Colonel’s Bed

Clear blue sky on Beinn lutharn Mhor!

The fourth Lochan Uaine below Beinn lutharn Mhor

Range of CP’s

I haven’t been posting my CP’s so thought it was time to get them recorded so I get my mug for reaching 50! Most were done with the kids over the summer. One of the most memorable was my daughter encountering an adder on Tom Anthon, I have never seen her move as fast. Clais Fhearnaig is a beautiful spot, I can’t imagine going there if it wasn’t for the CP and I will definitely go back.
So the CP’s I have done over the last few months are: Lamahip, River Dee (by Shooting Greens), Brackloch Craig, Fog House, Creag Choinich, Colonel’s Bed, Tom Anthon, Claus Fhearnaig, Benaquhaillie.

Long trek into the land of the deer

With our Calum from Inverey on the bikes via Colonels Bed (cp17)to Altanour Lodge (cp16) for a fairly impromptu hill day. Carrying bivvying stuff in case of “opportunities”. Hard work..

Dumped the bikes and kept up a very decent pace up the first hill and onwards not seeing a soul from start to finish. Pretty windy and very chilly at times with intermittent cloud on the tops. Huge numbers of deer and quite a few hares about.
Carn Bhac: 1.08
Beinn Iutharn Mhor: 2.17  (cp15)
Carn an Righ: 3.15
Glas Tulaichean: 4.13
An Socach: 5.32
Decided against a bivvy in the end.

Didnt seem like as much downhill once back on the bikes as it should have!

Hats off to Donald

We thought we had had a hard day out until we read Donald’s post.
Easy cycle in from Invereye (even with my gammy shoulder which isn’t fully better yet). Took in Colonel’s Bed on way past and and parked at the Lodge. Track only goes another 100m before it becomes futile to cycle.
In another 100 at NO080821 the track splits. A bit to your left is a small pile white painted stones. Going around to the left of these is a small track which may well be the “official” route towards Beinn Iutharn More.
We mistakenly continued on the clearer landrover track and climbed alongside the Altan Odhar. Realising our mistake, we traversed across the Allt nan Clach Geala to reach the shoulder of the climb. We came back the official route but it was patchy, boggy and heathery so we think we actually had the better route for going up.
Steep climb up the shoulder and the several false tops before you see the large cairn at the top.
Magnificent views.
Some sheep joined us on the top, presumably escaped from the lower slopes.
Will have to do the remainder of Donald’s big route another day (maybe even several days)

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Inverey- and yet another eagle

Up to Inverey in chilly, but dry conditions. By bike up the glen, about an hour up to Altanour Lodge, with a stop at the Colonel’s Bed. This was another new glen for me, although I had been up as far as the Colonel’s Bed. I was surprised by the number of grassy areas, clearly old farmland as there were several old settlements up the glen. I then came back down and turned up the other track, leaving the bike at the last bend in the track to follow a narrow animal path on to the ridge to ascend Tom Anthon ( wrongly identified on the challenge site as Colonel’s Bed, but numbered CP 18). Stopping at one point to look for the summit, I was amazed to see a golden eagle swoop over my head, my second in just a week. There was a small cairn of quartz stones at the summit, with a nice view down to the Dee at the Quoich.

Beinn Lutharn Mhor Part II

For some reason Skiing up Beinn Lutharn Mhor and down the NE ridge quite appealed as a fine combination of training (ie a long approach) s good looking NE facing slope and a hill I had not been up for close to 10 years. The first attempt failed as the parking was too snowed in so the post snow forwecast of a nice day today could not be wasted. All went well, with nice views , landrover tracks for first 5k then clean snow to the Altanour Lodge. Quick break where I could not help but notice the clouds coming in.

Fom the lodge irt quickly steepened so opted to carry the skis and check slope for snow quality..and was good. Alas the same could not be said of the weather.m Visibility down to <10m, and very strong winds. Always an optimist skis were put on as angle eased and a long plod fighting the gale to the summit. Zero view and rain was now falling. Quick tea then off down. Luck had found good snow all the way down but lack of visibility and wind resulted in very gentle skiing. Ah well, the angle eased and I opted for the direct back to the lodge. Skins put back on and the reurn plod was an eye opener re the speed the snow was going but was pleased to get back to the car at 5. I waved at the colonel’s bed which was buried in snow.

Not quite a fine day but back safe and sound