A rather convoluted route for a single cp.

Marie and I headed up from the Tanar car park, past the Halfway hut and over the 2 bridges by Etnach. We then forded the river and headed up over the col,waving to the Gathering Cairn and promising a visit another time. We dropped down to traverse the side of Clachen Yell before taking the track heading east and slogging up to Little Cock Cairn. Here we met Jane Kerrdige, also Lairig training, in a badly timed hail storm. After a brief chat, photo taking and donning of waterproofs (that came off 5 mins later) we carried on the track past Cock Carin and down to the Water of Allachy. A lovely little glen with some great wild camping spots to return to with the kids. We then avoided the Capercaillie hot spot by heading up the last little hill to join the Firmounth Road back to the car park.

A bit excessive a journey to claim a single cp, but a small celebration as it was my 50th. Now about the other 50 …….