94 Kerloch

Set off on our bikes to make use of the land-rover track which goes all the way from Knockhill over the top of Kerloch. Went OK for a while but snow was lying in the tracks once we entered the woods and we had to abandon after passing the hut at Glenskinnan and just where the track splits. From there it was a 1.5km hike to the top in our SPDs.
Took a breather in the stone circle shelter at the top and time for a photo. I haven’t got a tripod for my camera phone so have been using ‘natural’ ones, bit of moss, top of a small conifer and today perched on snowy rock taking front camera selfie.
Hike back, meeting some well-clad walkers who probably thought we were under-dressed and bonkers. Good fun back on our bikes as we skidded our way back through the snow.

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