2021 Checkpoint Challenge

The challenge is simple. There are 100 Checkpoints.

Visit every Checkpoint between 1st January 2021 and 31st December 2021.

The rules are simple:

  • Visit a checkpoint to tick it off. Multiple checkpoints can be visited at a time.
  • Visit the checkpoints solo or with some friends (according to whatever COVID rules are in force at the time).
  • When you visit a point, let us know via email so we can log your visit (but please keep your own log too).
  • Bagging 50 checkpoints will earn you a prize (probably a commemorative mug, or similar). Bagging all 100 points will earn you a better prize (TBC).

An Excel file with a list of checkpoints and grid references is here
A higher resolution overview map of all 100 checkpoints is here

Click on the links below to see who’s been to each Checkpoint:
All trip reports can be seen here


Participating in this challenge is voluntary and an individual activity – as such you are totally responsible for your own safety.
Many of the Checkpoints are on remote mountainous areas and may have no obvious route to them.
If you are in any doubts about your capabilities, seek further assistance or do not attempt the more remote points.
You need to take all necessary precautions for being in remote mountainous areas. Ensure the weather conditions are acceptable before departing. Carry suitable equipment including: total body cover weather protection, map, compass, whistle and a head torch. Tell someone about your route plan and estimated time of return. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged (emergency services can detect it even if out of normal signal range).