Tullich Burn Firing Range

This a CP many of you will have visited and hopefully were not too disappointed. For me the Tullich Burn has always nagged as a substantial river whose upstream areas I had never visited. The map showed it as 10k and 250m of ascent so a fine hour or so jog, even for us slow coaches. I had made 2 previous attempts to visit the upper burn on route to Crannoch Hill, but on both occasions was mutinied by my walking partners. The first resulting in an ascent of the Lower summit and the sceond point 602.

The burn is a fantastic feature with steep wooded valley sides with constant bluffs. From a “running”, and I use the word mildly, perspective it seems the best approach is to cross the burn where obstacles appear as they are never on both sides of the river. I is truly spectacular and is the closest I have ever come to a solo stag with fine antlers. After a while a fence is reached and crossed and the river turns into a small gorge.just after Sluggan Burn heads west, once out of the gorge the valley widens a bit but does not get much easier to run, The West side is the heather free side and a small burn is crossed to a rough track leading to the main track which leads back with ease to the start.

A true pleasure and very keen to try and shave a bit of my opening time,,,,just over 3hrs with no significant stops or wrong turns.


round crannach hill.pdf