Trig points that are no longer up to the job.

No running til later but 3 dogs needed walking and J had the afternoon free. Chance to kill 3 birds with one stone,though not sure if visiting points at slow strolling pace is ok to a running club event. Over to the event committee (fuehrer?) on that 1. Ord More is a great name for a hill and one I had never even noticed, though seem to remember checking the rapids and meeting a club runner disguised as an Orienteer at an event she was helping with, and seem to remember her saying it was at least a annual event with competitors of all ages and abilities so my guess is I might be alone in Deeside Runners who do not know the hill well.

The track headed off as expected and we chose to bear left at first junction. The next junction led to a quagmire of a track so we continued. First mini track led to a bog and then the main track started downhill. So off into the woods heading up hill. The big dog was having a whale of a time while the small one in frustration was proving a constant pull on the lead. (recovering leg injury means we don’t let him run free as well). After a while first one then a second summit were reached. no views except trees and pressure was on to turn back. Why not have some tea and I will scout round for Trig, it must be here somewhere.

The only way was gently down before a steepening led to the summit. From hear laziness made me yell, and best say it was a while before we met up again and now new walks will have to be checked to make sure the tracks are pleasant and the summits offer a view or 2.

Ah well what’s next?