Summer Handicaps

A series of informal handicap races taking place (normally) on the third Thursday of the month throughout the summer.  The ideas behind this were

  • To provide an additional monthly race, especially for those who don’t get the chance for organised races
  • To give members the chance to share their favourite routes with other members
  • By using handicaps, provide a competitive element regardless of actual ability

These are very low-key events, often with just a half-dozen runners and are very easy to organise.  All we need is a route of about three miles, could be a fast route or a hill route, enough parking, and provide the handicapper  in advance with an estimated time from which to  prepare handicaps.

These events are great fun, and we would encourage all members to get involved.

2013 Dess Handicap

Toms Cairn June 2013 results

Cnoc Dubh handicap 2013

Craiglich handicap 2013 results