Training Schedule

28th May              Half way hut                       4 x 6min (3 min easy)

4th June                Back of Baudy meg          10 x 2min (1min easy) continuous uphill

11th June              Bridges loop                       15 x 1min (45s easy)

18th June              TBC

25TH June             Horrible hill                         5 x 3min steep uphill (relaxed downhill recovery to start)

2nd July                 Tower of Ess                       Out and back tempo, 15 minutes out/ 15min back

9th July                  Baudy meg                          12 x 1min hills (easy downhill recovery)

16th July                Half way hut                       7 x 3min (90s easy)

23rd July                Canada road (bottom)   Continuous up/downhills tempo- (20-30min)

30th July                Bridges loop                       6 x 2min (1min easy) + 6 x 1min (1min easy)

6th Aug                  Horrible hill                         6 x 3min steep uphill (relaxed recovery back to start)

13th Aug               Back of Baudy meg          4 x 3min flat (90s easy) + 10min uphill tempo effort

20th Aug               Half way hut                       4 x 4min (2min easy) + 6 x 1min (1min easy)

27th Aug               Loch/ view point               2 x 5min flat reps out and back (2min easy), 6 x 1min hard uphill with easy jog downhill recovery (2min easy jog) 5min flat rep.