The Prince’s Stone

A cold crisp morning. Memories were flooding back of my last crossing of this bridge in the winter afew years back with skis and climbing gear to visit a cliff with “prospects” with Mr Richardson, one of the greats of Highland winter climbing exploration. Never trusted with secrets and a much weaker climber meant that I was more or less there to carry the ropes. Though was hoping the fact we were skiing in should have given me a short period of superiority.

Reminiscing my mind turns to “To build a fire”, by Jack London, as our day had as many consecutive minor failures, in which probably only the ending was , fortunately, not the same. The skiing was a disaster, alternating from deep snow to rock and turf!. The cliffs were shall we say, uninspiring, and conditions were not great. Even the great man suffered a small avalanche searching for a “line” to climb. Once the climb, which can best be described as “total crap”, was done the descent turned out to be quicker carrying the skis than using them. Ah well, memories.

Today was the opposite, perfect conditions for running, ice only where you needed it to keep one’s feet dry and fantastic morning light over one of my favourite places. The path led to a cairn signalling the short steeper climb to the “Stone”. Once back on the path a short retracing of steps led to the wee loch from where Cnap a’Choire Bhuidhe was ascended, then on down to Choire Buidhe and the final ascent to pt 587m on Craig Doin. Descent was a pleasure.

ps remember to take gloves for the next month or 3.