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Creag Choinich

I left the sunshine at my house to go up Creag Choinich. After pulling my left Achilles at training on Tuesday, overstretching a glute muscle at Tai chi on Saturday and racing on Sunday, I thought a walk would do me good. From the summits I could see snow showers coming from Glenshee and from Linn of Dee directions. Low lying areas were really flooded. On the way down, my old trainers slipped over the tops of some stepping stones and I just kept going in slow motion until a sharp edge of a rock ended up in my butt cleavage, I landed on my elbow, and hurt my toe. It just proves that my Dad was right when he said exercise is bad for you. .

Caisteal na Caillich

Thursday afternoon,15th Oct. Cycled from the house towards Balmoral. Turned off at Abergeldie and headed towards the distillery. Took the track past the Buailteach and came out at Inchnabobart. Stashed the bikes in the woods. Up Carn an Daimh, Conachcraig and eventually Caisteal na Caillich. Disappointed to see crossbike tyre tracks on such fragile ground. Counted 8 heather burns. Nice to see Mountain Hare ( not dead). Came back the same way to the bikes and then attacked by midges. Cycled home along the Glen Muick track. ,

Crannach firing range

I suspect everybody has done this one. Owen, the dog and I went thought we’d get to this via Sgor Buidhe. After much faffing around unable to find the path we gave up. We came up from the grave yard in the end. .

The Angel’s Peak

A pleasant circuit of Sgor an Lochain Uaine. We took the Larig Ghru to where the Allt a’Garbh Choire heads west to the bothy 1.5k west of the Bothy. Follow the stream up past the waterfall steeply up to Lochan Uaine (cp 7). From there up the Angel’s Ridge provides a fine line to to the Summit.

a gentle descent for approx 3k at first west then northerly leads to the Wells of Dee (cp 6) flowing crystal clear water. Head south down the gentle slope for another 3k down to the to the equally beautiful Loch nan Stuirtaig. (cp5)

From here traverse across to Allt clais an t-Sabhail and a gentle climb to the east soon to the north slopes of Cairn Toul and an easy contour up Devil’s Point (cp8). The path is reversed and continued down past the Bothy and back to the bikes, from where a broken chain led to a slow return.

26k and 1570m ascent.

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A day out with Duncan

Duncan collected me shortly before 8.30am with his friend Chris. We parked in Mar lodge car park in the woods and headed out on our bikes to Derry Lodge. Along Glen Luibeg where the track splits off to the Lairig Ghru we stashed the bikes in the trees. From Lairig Ghru we squelched our way to Garbh Coire Bothy. Heading up beside the waterfall we stopped for a drink from Lochan Uaine. Scrambling up a blocky narrow exposed ridge, with good hand and foot placements I didn’t look down too often. Coming out on the top of Angel’s Peak. Next stop was at the Wells of Dee for a drink from them. Back on ourselves for a bit we dropped down to Loch nan Stuirteag for a drink from it. Climbing in height we had a drink from Allt Clais an t-Sabhail and came around Buidheanach of Cairntoul. Up and down Devil’s Point the same way. Off the hills at Coire Odhar down to Corrour bothy. Back at our bikes about 5 ish. It was still really midgey. Due to a bike problem we got back to the van about 8pm or not long after but it was worth it.

Craig Megan

On 1st August when some of you were at Newtonmore games and others were at Aboyne games, I ran from the house down Glen Girnock in lovely sunny, but a bit chilly weather. I was planning on crossing the river Girnock at the ford and going up the shoulder of Craig Megan. Before I got across the river it started to rain, the sky blackened and Lochnagar disappeared from view. I got very wet very quickly and only had a windproof with me. I turned and ran home.

2nd attempt.
4th August. I cycled from the house, down the Glen Muick track to Inchnabobart where I stashed the bike. I headed up Craig of Inchnabobart as it had looked really nice from the Cairns of Cul nan Gad. Craig Megan was further away than I thought. Though this hill had looked like it might be dry, it was covered with tarns and the whole place seemed to be floating. To make it worse the heather was long and lank. Before I descended off this hill, Loch Muick disappeared behind a curtain of rain. I came down and followed the plantation back to my bike.

3rd attempt
8th August. Again I cycled down the Glen Muick track. Not too far beyond the Linn of Muick waterfall there is a five bar gate across the track. Turn off there onto a track into the trees. In there I stashed my bike. There is an obvious gap in the plantation where you can follow a deer trod to go up Craig Megan. The heather is short and the going is easy. I was pleasantly surprised how lovely it was up there. I did go to the other end of it while I was there and came across a herd of stags.

The Cairns of Cul nan Gad

On 3rd August I cycled from the house down the Glen Muick road to the track below the Cairns where I stashed the bike. I walked up to and around the Cairns of Cul nan Gad. From there, there looked to be a good way of getting to Craig Megan via Craig of Inchnabobart.

Gealaig Hill

On 30th July I drove up the B976 from Crathie and parked along the military road. Heading straight up the hill from there I saw Gentians and Intermediate Wintergreen in flower. Following a track to the summit of Geallaig, the views were good as it was the first clear day for ages. I carried on to Creag na Creiche before turning back.

Coyles of Muick

On 10th May Owen and I ran from the house up the Coyles and back. Though I’ve been up here a few times this was the first time i’d seen the stone shelter .on the side of Meall Dubh. I ran up here again on 25th July.