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Mona Gowan horseshoe

Having seen a few other Deesiders do this circuit, and presented with Friday off work when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky – I took my chances with the snow conditions
Parked up next the caravan that’s always in the layby on the Gairnsheil road (and had a nice chat with the lady that lives there).
Skis on from the car and followed 2 other people’s tracks. Spent the whole day wondering who’s they were – Strava later confirmed they were Ros’ and Sarah’s.
A great loop linking up Mona Gowan, Tom Liath and Lary Hill. Would make a nice run in the summer too, making use of the tracks that the estate has installed.

Link to Strava if anyone want to follow the route:

What a day not to be in the hoffice…!

Icy CP bagging

Icy today, after last night’s rain froze – so just did some easy hikes to easy CPs with a drive in between.
Needed crampons to get out of the car at CP81 Tomnaverie Stone Circle and the clag was down so didn’t even get the view of Lochnagar. Also included a bonus visit to the Cold War era nuclear bunker (sadly locked…)

Then a short drive around to head up the monument just off the Deeside Way (CP69). In all the time I’ve lived here, I never even knew that was there… well hidden in the trees.

Then a final scoot around for a short stroll up to CP61 Knock Castle.
Bumped into Marie and Ros, who’d been bagging a few more adventurous CPs too.