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the duathlon to end all duathlons


Biked up to Loch Muick with Pete, calling on the Falls of Muick and Cul nan Gad on the way. From the road end we ran up the Allt Darrarie, which is a nice spot and a lovely run back down. Fast bike down to Ballater and a slow run up Craigendarroch. Then coffee in the Bothy, by which I mean cake. Easy points from then on – Tullich shooting range only about 10 mins, monument only 3, River Dee about 15, boardwalk 7, bit longer up the Vat Burn – didn’t really know where the point was even though I chose it, so just went up until we ran out of clliffs and took the high path back. Finally only 8 mins to the mouth of the Logie Burn, which was very quiet and peaceful though it was getting a bit dark by then. 62km on the bike in 2 hours 20, 20 km run in 2.10, 20 mins in the coffee shop and a not inconsiderable time changing shoes.

night run up carn ferg

Peter, Dave Croll, Marie and I had a pleasant jog up here last night. Too misty to see any sign of the aurora or anything else much. Went up the usual way from the top of the Fungle, but Peter showed us a rather better route off to the north west. There’s a path almost all the way down, only the last bit between the two paths is heathery. Took 1 hour 13 according to Strava.

Thursday night

>> Continuation of Thursday night’s run. From the board walk we headed round the east side of Loch davan towards the cp. The outlet burn looked a bit big to cross (with hindsight, it would have been worth trying) so headed east to the road (along terrible ground) and back to the Loch past the earthworks. From cp we continued west round the Loch and back to the burn o’vat (via bogingore, to pick up Sam’s gloves). > Total run was 2hrs and just under 10 miles.
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Wed night

I had 20min to spare before a panto meeting in tarland, so headed out to the stone circle and back. It was very dark. >
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Wed morning run

Round here before work to test the handicap route. To much snow for that so back to the drawing board. We ended up running the fungle on the Thursday night.

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Afternoon in the sun

Secured the afternoon off work, so looked out the skis and went cp hunting under clear blue skies. First of the day was up Sron na Gaoithe from the carpark at the foot of the hill. Hard crusty snow most of the way up, there’s a lot more snow up high than it looks from the road. From there it was down into the garbh choire and back up onto cairn of claise (a steep slog in the sunshine), before a fast decent on crust/ ice towards the tolmount. Unfortunately the aproach to the tolmount was bare, so dropped the gear and hoofed it up to the summit. Had a silly billy moment on return as I couldn’t find the skis! Spotted them after a while and headed back over to carn an tuirc just in time for sunset. Fantastic descent all the way back to the car on gleaming ice, turning to hard crust lower down. Thankfully the old edges were nice and sharp!!

Sron na Gaoithe


Hmmm… where did I park the skis??

Chasing the sun

Red sky at night….

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Baudy Meg

Out in the snow for our first point of the year! Route was up the fungle, high path over to baudy met, rough it over towards carnferg then down the fungle. Had planned on taking in carnferg, but were put off by waste deep snow drifts and unexpected holes! Tough going higher up but a good day for a run. Thanks guys. 15.5km, 419m climb, 2:03

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