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Caisteal na Caillich

Thursday afternoon,15th Oct. Cycled from the house towards Balmoral. Turned off at Abergeldie and headed towards the distillery. Took the track past the Buailteach and came out at Inchnabobart. Stashed the bikes in the woods. Up Carn an Daimh, Conachcraig and eventually Caisteal na Caillich. Disappointed to see crossbike tyre tracks on such fragile ground. Counted 8 heather burns. Nice to see Mountain Hare ( not dead). Came back the same way to the bikes and then attacked by midges. Cycled home along the Glen Muick track. ,


On 7th April Owen and I had a run around the Clachnaben race route/challenge point. The weather was lovely but the air was thick with smoke. They were doing a heather burn and the ground was still warm.

challenge 15

We had a nice wander today with the dog around the boardwalk at Loch Kinnord and continued around the loch. .
The snow on Lochnagar looked cold, viewed from above the recumbent stone of Tomnaverie today. . Jake stayed in the pickup as he’d over done it going around Loch Kinnord.