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Range of CP’s

I haven’t been posting my CP’s so thought it was time to get them recorded so I get my mug for reaching 50! Most were done with the kids over the summer. One of the most memorable was my daughter encountering an adder on Tom Anthon, I have never seen her move as fast. Clais Fhearnaig is a beautiful spot, I can’t imagine going there if it wasn’t for the CP and I will definitely go back.
So the CP’s I have done over the last few months are: Lamahip, River Dee (by Shooting Greens), Brackloch Craig, Fog House, Creag Choinich, Colonel’s Bed, Tom Anthon, Claus Fhearnaig, Benaquhaillie.

Lochnagar circuit

Thanks to Katie H for taking my kids for the night, Jon and I headed to the hills. I was running and he was on/carrying his cyclecross bike. First time up Conachcraig and the running on the top over to Caisteal na Caillich was lovely. We then took the main track towards Meikle Pap and down through large boulders to the mouth of the loch at Lochnagar, Jon was cursing me at this point as there was no cycling. We went up the north side to reach lochnagar summit and then down past the waterfall. Some showers on top which were cold but overall nice day.

Battock Traverse

Having attempted Battock back in February from Peters Hill but had to turn back with the weather, and Marie passing round but not to the top of Clachnaben at the race, we decided to opt for the full traverse to claim these cps.

We started at the Clachnaben car park taking the normal route up to the top and then along the track to Mount Battock. With a couple of MTBers (Gary and Scott) ahead we used them as targets to try and beat to the top but were just pipped to the post. Took the runners direct route off Battock to Dave’s aptly named “Motorway” traversing Hill of Cammie and then Mudlee Bracks before following the fence line to the Fungle track. Found our direct routes had succeeded in getting us in front of before named bikers but were eventually passed en route to Ballochan, where we had parked a second car.


Thursday July 9th. Forgot to add this one before we went on holiday. Lovely evening circuit with Marie starting at the new car park, up past Pitreadie Farm. Followed the tracks up Hare hill before coming upon the summit from the south. Descent by the usual route. Lovely views to the north and west, unfortunately wind farm to the south detracts from views to the sea.

A rather convoluted route for a single cp.

Marie and I headed up from the Tanar car park, past the Halfway hut and over the 2 bridges by Etnach. We then forded the river and headed up over the col,waving to the Gathering Cairn and promising a visit another time. We dropped down to traverse the side of Clachen Yell before taking the track heading east and slogging up to Little Cock Cairn. Here we met Jane Kerrdige, also Lairig training, in a badly timed hail storm. After a brief chat, photo taking and donning of waterproofs (that came off 5 mins later) we carried on the track past Cock Carin and down to the Water of Allachy. A lovely little glen with some great wild camping spots to return to with the kids. We then avoided the Capercaillie hot spot by heading up the last little hill to join the Firmounth Road back to the car park.

A bit excessive a journey to claim a single cp, but a small celebration as it was my 50th. Now about the other 50 …….

Hill in Craigmore Wood

Ran from my house in Torphins and took a convoluted route to get to Potarch and the Hill in Craigmore Wood and back again, total of 17 miles so that’s me started the training for the Lairg Ghru. Passed a buzzard sitting in a tree which was staring me out and then looked like it was going to dive bomb me when I was a few metres below it. I ran a little faster at that point.

Rocking Stone & Black Craig

We took the track from Greystone and collected the two points. As Derek & Evelyn pointed out there is a track on the south side of the fence which takes you to the top of Black Craig. We then continued to Slai an Gour and followed the fence line to the track to Deecastle. We turned off to the SW at the top of the plantation to bring us directly back to Greystone trying to avoid the electric fence we previously experienced in a night run. Beautiful day for it.

CP collecting up Glen Muick

Unlike Peter and Dave H’s duathlon, my duathlon of these points was driving and then walking, my excuse was it was a family outing. Walk up Allt Darrarie was interesting but we must have walked straight past the illicit still and didn’t realise it was there despite noticing rocks with numbers written on them. We really liked The Cairns of Cul nan Gad because there is a great view for minimal effort. Even less effort was the Linn of Muick as we parked the car right next to the cp!

Sunday walks

Two cp’s ticked with the family on two Sunday walks (Craigendarroch was done 2 weeks ago but only got round to recording it). We often head up Mill Maud as a wee family walk, great view from the top.