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Mudlee Bracks

From Mount Battock headed West then NW and connected with the track going to the Hill of Cammie . Followed the track until it zig zaged away from the top and headed straight to the top of Mudlee Bracks. Picture shows Mount Battock and Clachnaben in the distance. We then took a direct line to Slochd on the Fungle Road.Then headed down the Fungle and on to the track all the way to the car park at the Forest of Birse to my car which we had left there earlier. The run down the Fungle and through the valley was particularly enjoyable listening to Curlews and about 30 Lapwings. On the top, Golden Plover were very close. Numerous Hare and Rabbits crossed our path. A very pleasant run. 25.80 KM. 1008 m elevation gain

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Mount Battock

From Clachnaben headed West to Mount Battock,great ridge run and climb to the top. Photo of David on Clachnaben with Mount Battock in the distance . Last photo David on trig point at Mount Battock.

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Brackloch Craig

Off at 6.30 am before breakfast, up the Fungle from home to the Guard then down the Cistern track for 200 metres then along rides and animal tracks to Brackloch Craig. A surprisingly well constructed cairn.

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Meall Alvie

Headed SE off the top of Meall Gorm following damp vegetation with lots of flowering Butterworts. Along an estate track for a short distance then headed SE and went through the ruins of an old community. Crossed two Ford’s and kept my feet dry. Water very refreshing at the first one. Continued to Felagie then headed up Meall Alvie following a stone wall. On the top watched a Draggonfly flying round the pond. Went down the same way gathering a swarm of flies as I went. Stopped at Felagie to de tick. Returned to the Keiloch car park. Wednesday 1st July.
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Meall Gorm

Continued on the Yellow and orange route then the Yellow route ,to Meall Gorm cut up across the Heather for the final climb amongst newly planted trees with about a 50% survival rate and about a 100% of the survivors having been nibbled . Finished a bag of sweets of all my non favourite colours ,tasted really good!

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