Steeplechase on Crai grath or how to ice skate in Inov-8’s ( right CP!)

Being short of time on a Thursday evening an ascent of Craigrath seemed like a decent idea. Parking at the usual spot at the West entrance to Raemoir House, Steph and I headed up through the rhododendrons and out onto the landrover track at the back of the hotel. This is where I found out that I do not have any latent ice skating talent, I have been steadier on my feet after a session in the Ballater games beer tent!
There were several icy patches on the way up but they could be easily circumvented, there were several fairly large fallen trees across the path that required various contortions to bypass, this all added to the fun. As you get onto the the higher reaches there was appreciable amounts of almost frozen snow which Steph bounded over like a gazelle, I tried to imitate this and failed miserably. The summit was reached in amount 27 minutes or so, I always find it amazing the view from such a small hill and on a clear night like last night the sky was spectacular. After a wee bit of hanging about we descended at a reasonably sedate pace and then started the slip, slide Steeplechase to the bottom. No injuries occured in the executing of this checkpoint run and fun was had by all.