Someone has built a road up Mount Battock!

Started from the end of the road near Birse Castle and ran up the Fungle to the fence at the high point. From here there is a trod on the north side which makes it quite easy to get to the first point of the day (Mudlee Bracks). From here you will see that on the other side of the fence is a major road. Not sure where it comes from, but it leads all the way to half way up Mount Battock, where it turns off to Wester Cairn. Makes the running a lot easier, but isn’t exactly pretty. From Mount Battock took Donald’s advice and a more or less direct route to Baudnacauner, which is very good running all the way to the end of the track on Cock Hill, then there is a mown track past some shooting butts which takes you most of the way down to the burn. From there to the top of the hill is not so good, and the first part of the descent to the Laird’s Burn is horrible. Gets much better when you reach the track. Forded the Feugh near the challenge point and had a 4km run back to the car, the less said about which the better. Very tired by the end. Took 3.08, 24km, 1000m climbing. Mostly very good running, but the bits that weren’t, really weren’t.