Slugain and Ben Avon

Something akin to Duncan’s long day out here, but in reverse. Biked in from Keiloch up Gleann an t’Slugain as far as the old ruin (cp 20). Then ran up to Dubh Lochan (cp19), on to the top of Ben Avon (cp21) coming back by Creag an Deal Bheag (cp22). Lots of new ground for me. Was hoping for a fine day but the cloud was down, visibility above 900m was dire and the wind was vicious on the tops. Very glad of map and compass, especially approaching the Sneck and dropping off the top of Ben Avon. Just started to relax with the latter when I came across some serious south facing snow fields, with the path / stream disappearing into them. Condition was poor for running shoes (hard-packed with melting surface), so had to contour / climb again to avoid. Eventually managed to get round the end and drop to my descent route along the stream side. Seemed a long way back to the bike from the top end of the Gairn.
Plenty of ptarmigan on the high ground and saw a green woodpecker in the forest on the way back.