Skiing in the wind and slush

Taken a couple of days off work as my sister over for a few days. She was keen to do some good ski descents, I thought it would be good to combine with some cp bagging! Started day heading up Carn an Tuirc following a series of almost linked snow lines. Headed over the back and did a great descent of Y-gully down into Coire Loch Kandar. On reaching the loch realised that snow line pretty much stopped at this point and was unable to convince my sister that a slog with the skis on our backs round to Tolmount was a good idea. Instead booted up east side of the coire to find wind had increased and cloud base lowered. Went up over Cairn of Claise and descended its head wall into Garbh-Choire. A head wind and sticky snow made this not the most pleasant of experiences, but allowed me to persuade a trip up onto Sron na Gaoithe to get a better line back to the car.