Sgor an h-lolaire

I ran out from my house and up Glen Girnock. There’s a lot less snow than last weekend. Just before Loinveg I went up the shoulder which is a bit less heathery than the rest. When you go up that way you get a glimpse of the cairn you need to head towards. The views were stunning as it was so clear. I came down to Bovaglie before heading back down the glen and home for soup. If you are planning on going up Creag Ghiubhais aswell its a nice run to go down the side of Creag nan Ban towards Abergeldie farm and along the bottom. Don’t do Creag Gh first as you will have wet feet for the rest of your run. Please don’t come straight down off Sgor an h-lolaire heading for Creag Gh because its a bog and I don’t want your rotting body to taint my water supply.