Scar Hill and Balnagowan

Evening run up these two from home. Biked up the road/ track from the gliding strip towards Braeroddach with stones pinging out from under my wheels until i could bear it no longer (about 200m short of the farm) then ditched the bike and continued up towards Scar Hill. Great view point on a fine evening, should come here more often. Did however discover an unexpected downside to my finger shoes- they really don’t like barbed wire fences! There are lots of barbed wire fences on this route. Blood was drawn.
Headed down towards Tillyduke then followed a fine running path towards Blue cairn before following the fields to Balnagowan hill. From there i headed south to join a forestry track then took a straight line back to the bike and home for tea.
Great wee run and good refresher with map and compass. Total about 1:30