Mudlee Bracks (twice) and Mount Battock

We read DaveH account of taking these two cps plus 81 Baudnacauner and decided that there was just going to be too much heather and hard going for us to try the circular route so we would just go for Mudlee Bracks and Mount Battock as an In-Out.
Followed DaveH route up Fungle and through heather from high point to Mudlee Bracks and then via the new motorway to Mount Battock. Enroute we saw lots of black grouse, a herd of about twenty deer and lots of white hare. Followed the road a fair way around towards Wester Cairn to gain height before cutting onto the heather and back up to Mount Battock. Coming down we were able to make a direct descent and cut off some of the corner.
Although the new road makes for easy going, there is still a lot of climbing both going and coming back. In hindsight we might have been as well to follow the circular route as we were fairly shattered by the time we got back to the Fungle.
We did stop at the Laird’s Burn ford on way home though.

pictures: stile at top of Mudlee Bracks and brief pause at Mount Battock before turning for home.